You might find wakeboarding in the open water to be completely different. Cable. Cable wakeboarding allows you to wakeboard or kneeboard without a boat. Group Events. Open water conditions depend so much on the weather and how many other boats are in the water. Have your next event with us! Our Summer Camp Is the best week ever! 15 talking about this. See All. The carriers are metal tubes that can hook up tow ropes with riders. Our mission is to help promote the best cable parks in the world, the riders, photographers & videographers. Cash prizes, professional riders, and giveaways! 2020 World Championships postponed. The rope and handle are attached to the overhead line, aka cable, instead of the back of a boat. Browse Directory. Sesitec has not only emerged as a leader in two-tower cable wakeboarding, but has also helped to reshape and redefine the towed watersports industry. Liquid Force Wakeboards, Helmets and USCGA lifejackets will be available in our cable park rental fleet and Wake Shop! Cable Park Split is a 500m waterski and wakebord lift. FIND OUT MORE. Lessons. 1-855-383-RIDE. Elite Cable Park, is a part of the Aktion Parks family that includes Orlando Watersports Complex and Miami Watersports Complex. It is located on the Divulje Beach in K.Štafilić, just below the Split Airport. Read More . INSTAGRAM - @chris_hopf @jb_oneill CABLE PARK A hot spot in Charleston, SC, our cable wakeboarding system pulls riders of all skill levels. The popularity of cable wakeboarding parks and … Better yet, you'll get to share your experiences on the water with friends and family, as the cable's 8-carrier capacity allows multiple people to ride at the same time. You’ll get durable space-age materials, proven time-tested designs, backed by fast and friendly service. MEHR INFOS ZUM PARK It’s a great learning environment and also allows for experienced riders to train and practice tricks. THE WAKEBOARD CABLE The Simplified Cable learn more Request QUOTE Features Industrial All cable parts are over engineered to create a robust system. WHEN YOU ARRIVE. We ship worldwide and make wakeboarding accessible from beginner to pro. De grote kabel ligt vol obstakels. Our Lakes. Advertisment. Cross them all your bucket list in one day and save 30$ ! Read More . Guests can wakeboard in a safe, fun and controlled environment–no boat required! Focused on introducing beginners to watersports through 1-on-1 coaching, while providing experienced riders a home to practice. Advertisment. A cable park operation that delivers customers an active, watersports lifestyle that is safe, healthy, family friendly, and environmentally conscious. BINBROOK. Using the cable system allows beginners to get comfortable on a wakeboard before making the jump to boat riding. Our passion for wakeboarding has led to innovative solutions, such as a state of the art patent pending drive system for our Full Size Cables, the original System 2.0 and the wireless remote control Recon. Advertisment. more info. South African native Chris Rogers travels to the Philippines to hit a wakeboard cable park with a few friends. BP PORT COLBORNE. Each cable features double pullets, eight anchor lines, adjustable mounting, and a motor that runs continuously for years in other industrial applications. Op Terhills Cablepark kan je leren waterskiën en wakeboarden aan de kabel. We also trade-in and sell used cable systems and have designed, engineered, and built our very own 2-tower cable systems. Julia Rick & Lior Sofer 2018 World Champions. Offering 1 hour lessons & sessions. Few things have done as much to make the sport so accessible to the masses. Wed 10am - 6pm. Expereince watersports with our full sized cable system. MWC hosts the world's largest events including the Monster Triple Crown, National Points Chase, and Nautique Wakeboard Nationals. Cable wakeboarding parks are spreading throughout the entire world. Let the clear and clean sea and beautiful location impress you while you push your limits and enjoy. Mulgoa Road, Mulgoa, NSW, 2745, Australia (02) 4722 2537 EMAIL Check out our upcoming events below... August 9 - 11, 2019. Wake Canada’s specific objectives are to support, guide and administer everything wake – – wakeboard boat, wake park, wakesurf, wake park (cable), adaptive wake and wake foil – – from National Championships to the National Team programs AS WELL as promotion and support of wake schools, parks, coaching, shops, grassroots growth, women’s participation, adaptive riding. Ski Rixen Deerfield Beach. Let's Ride. World … Découvrez les activités nautiques (wakeboard, paddle, bouée tractée) proposées par Ben et Bast, nos 2 passionnés de wakeboard. A wakeboard boat rental can be the perfect way for you and your friends to try out the wakeboarding experience in open water, which can be completely different than wakeboarding in a cable park. -2 Hr pass cable wakeboarding-1 flyboard session. SARNIA. Read More . Call Us: +385 91 505 6767 and +385 21 586 144. Fun for all skill levels! Cable skiing is a way to water ski (or wakeboard), in which the skier's rope and handle are pulled by an electrically-driven cable, whereas traditionally a waterskier is pulled by a motorboat.The mechanism consists of two cables running parallel to one another with carriers between them every 80 metres. ... We are wakeboarding’s USA made, web-direct wakeboard manufacturer. Our 5-tower cable system allows for the practice of a range of water sports, including wakeboarding, water-skiing and kneeboarding. There are strategically placed obstacles around the lake. Search by keyword: Search. Ronix 2021 Press Play cable park wakeboard – $400. Let's Ride . Minimum 10 participants. A cable park is a pulley system that allows you to wakeboard or tube without a boat! Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding, Stand-Up Paddle boarding and more! The overhead cable ski systems are constantly being upgraded and turning wakeboarding into a cheap and accessible extreme boardsport. Find Out More. Elite Cable Park Is located in Auburndale Florida right off to I4. Don't miss it! 80$ Ultimate Experience Package. MHW offers expert assistance planning and building cable wakeboard parks. Cabels Wake Park. With a low-barrier entry, these sports are easy to learn for kids and adults alike. Read More . Simply put, a Cable Wake Park, or just Wake Park for short, is a Ski Resort for water sports. Sep 28, 2020 - Cable Park Split is a 500m waterski and wakebord lift. Learn and progress with our amazing staff! The construction is 100% paulownia wood with a relatively stiff flex compared to other (generally soft) cable park boards . Cable wakeboarding is a form of towed water-skiing that uses an overhead pulley system to pull participants around a lake, instead of a boat. What is cable wakeboarding? COMPETITIONS & EVENTS. Explore the World of Water Sports. Cancellation policy. Mon 10am - 6pm. Hours. -2 Hr cable wakeboarding-1 Flyboard session -1 Jetsurf lesson 210$ Group Specials. Wake Station Cable Park enables riders to Wakeboard, Wakeskate, Kneeboard or Bodyboard using a 2-tower overhead cable system, no boat needed! Thu 10am - 6pm. Summer Camp. All Cable Wake Parks Water Sport Schools Water Sport Clubs Water Sport Resorts Water Sport Charters Ski Boat Rental. Cable Park Split. Inflatable Floating Playground: The Aqua Park ; After a long session in the sun, come grab your favorite beverage from our Pro Shop! With several different levels of two-tower cables, anyone can feel the … The overhead cable system pulls riders around the lake. Boarder Pass Wakeboard Parks presents... 3 days of cable wakeboarding events. Cable parks are a beautiful thing for the sport of wakeboarding. BP . This “cable” pulls the rider and allows them to zip across the lake, shredding along the way. 401 S. Powerline Road, FL 33442 Deerfield Beach +1 (0) 954 4290215 Sun 10am - 6pm. GENERAL INQUIRY. PRO TEAM BATTLE - AUG … Riders grab a handle, take off from the start dock and complete laps of the lake. Lake Horseshoe now features a wakeboard cable park! Whether it’s birthday parties, meet ups or a corporate event we have different options for you! The Ronix Press Play is a hot-looking affordable board specifically designed for wake park. The answer we give 99% of the time is a quick comparison to something most people understand. Experience the amazing adventure of wakeboarding at CABLE PARK SPLIT! Choose your cable wakeboard park... BP. Upon arriving at Lake Las Vegas, you will be excited that there are no parking fees! Golden Wake Tour 2019. Cable park wakeboards are usually built with a more simple perimeter shape, a more playful flex pattern, and different base material. It has a classic proven shape with a thinner tip and tail design. Slushies, Cold Beer, Seltzers, Gatorade and more available. Open #eawakechamp2019 results. Tue 10am - 6pm. Miami Watersports Complex is the #1 Wakeboard Park, offering all day wakeboarding with boat and cable lessons from Miami's best professional coaches. De littleBRO is ideaal voor beginners. This site is designed by wakeboarders for wakeboarders and cable wake park owners. Read More . Get the latest live Cable Wakeboard results & fixtures from across the world. Wakeboard and Waterski Cable Parks are an investment in environmentally- friendly and affordable, sustainable family recreation which provide engagement with the local community and beyond, supporting all-ages healthy lifestyles. But now, it's as simple as heading down to your closest cable park, strapping in, and taking off. LATEST BLOG POSTS. This is the number one question we receive when we introduce people to a Cable Wake Park for the first time. Grâce au téléski nautique, chez Exoloisirs nous vous proposons de découvrir la glisse d’une nouvelle façon : + écologique, + économique. Bienvenue sur le site officiel d'Evasion Cable Park. MHW is a cable park owner, cable park consultant, and cable system manufacturer. USA. Sat 10am - 6pm. Let's Ride. Functional The Wakeboard Cable offers two models, a two-line system […] JB ONeill explaining cable park etiquette for wakeboarding and how to make it a better experience for everyone! Fri 10am - 6pm. Youth & Senior E&A Championships 2019. Before cable parks, if you didn't have a boat—or at least know someone with a boat—you couldn't wakeboard. After parking, you can walk through the Village and stop at any of the restaurants on-site. Découvrez le wakepark et le parc qui l'entoure, profitez du snack et venez rider seul, en famille ou entre amis