("Episode 4.9"), Eadith searches for the captives. And at all times, they are united and never fight out of anger as this is the way of the old generation. ("Episode 4.1"), East Anglia; King Æthelred has made settlement at the Kingdom of East Anglia. There is a chance Finan will open up to Eadith about what happened in Ireland, and she may encourage him to return and settle the score with his brother. She was the sister of Eardwulf (Jamie Blackley) and had been acting as Aethelred's (Toby Regbo) mistress so she and her brother could claim back their family's honour. Uhtred then picks up Æthelred’s ring off the ground. Eardwulf becomes enraged. Uhtred realizes that Æthelflæd must’ve gone ahead to Ceaster as agreed, so they do the same. News of a treachery troubles Uhtred. Red/Strawberry Blonde Eardwulf - Brother † Æthelred - Lover †Uhtred - Husband Uhtred orders young Uhtred and Sihtric to find Æthelflæd and tell her that Ælfwynn is safe. He asks why have the Ealdormen circled around him. There's little hints all the time it's going that way. Siblings Do this and Æthelflæd will ensure that Eadith never goes penniless. She asks if his Gods look down on him from the Heavens. https://the-last-kingdom.fandom.com/wiki/Eadith?oldid=19615, Eadith is a noble; she was born to an ealdorman of. Eadith of Mercia (later, Eadith of Bebbanburg) is a main character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. The last thing Æthelred remembers is arriving at the battle. They come to a stop as the road is blocked with the bodies of dead men piked on large wooden sticks. ("Episode 4.6"), The following morning, they continue their journey to Ceaster. Eadith looks after Ælfwynn. Æthelflæd questions why did Eadith reveal Eardwulf to be Æthelred’s killer. With Alexander Dreymon, Finn Elliot, Arnas Fedaravicius, Mark Rowley. Last Kingdom season 5: Will Eadith become Uhtred's next love interest? Æthelflæd jumps out the window and onto the horse. Many fans think Eadith will still form a relationship with Finan, but the upcoming season is likely to give some more detail about why Finan left Ireland. ("Episode 4.8"), Thatcham, Wessex; Uhtred, Stiorra, Eadith, Finan, Sihtric, Osferth, Æthelstan, and Pyrlig hold up in Thatcham, where they set up camp for Ælswith, who will offer prayers of thanks on their behalf when she arrives in Bedwyn. She finds them locked up in Alfred’s tomb. Eardwulf may be Eadith’s brother, but what he did was wrong. ("Episode 4.10"), Finan patches up Eadith. Eardwulf explains that he’s simply trying to keep the king happy and instructs his sister to do the same. The Last Kingdom Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Where Brida and the Danes await. A subreddit for "The Last Kingdom," the BBC/Netflix television show set in medieval England. She’s survived a great deal already. He shall only have her when the time is right. However, Eardwulf believes the king will be dead soon, and if that’s the case, they’ll have no need to run. Hair Eadith feels they have no choice. ("Episode 4.3"), Eardwulf finds Eadith lying in bed after having sex with the king, who is in a considerably good mood. Stefanie Martini She claims that she acts solely for the good of his soul, as he has a wife. In the novels, she is confirmed to be the daughter of Lord Æthelred, however in the TV series, her parentage is debated by her father, and rumoured by others, who claim her birth father is the Dane Erik Thurgilson . order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Do they sit in judgement. However, the king will not agree to it. Eadith of Mercia (later, Eadith of Bebbanburg) is a main character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. She was the mistress of Lord Æthelred and is the younger sister of Eardwulf who was the commander of Lord Æthelred's household guards. Ragnar - Foster Brother-in-law †Thyra - Foster Sister-in-law †Rorik - Foster Brother-in-law †Sigrid - Foster Mother-in-law †Ragnar - Foster Father-in-law †Ravn - Foster Grandfather-in-law †Uhtred - Father-in-law †Æthelgifu - Mother-in-law †Gytha - Step Mother-in-law †Uhtred - Grandfather-in-law †Uhtred - Brother-in-law †Sigtryggr - Step Son-in-lawÆlswyth - Step Daughter-in-law Sihtric appears to be suffering the worst. Oswald - Step-Son †Stiorra - Step-Daughter †Uhtred - Step-Son The Last Kingdom: Will Uhtred fight against Wihtgar in revenge plot? Residence Should Ælfwynn die, they’ll be to blame as it’s believed that only sinners catch the sickness. Before leaving, Æthelflæd tells Eadith to find Uhtred on the road to Ceaster and tell him to meet Æthelflæd at the ruins of Saint Milburg’s Priory. Alive Significant Other(s) 30.9k. In Warriors of the Storm, Finan reveals more about his past and how he came to be on the slave ship with Uhtred. As night falls, the group settles down to sleep. He asks if she’ll survive without him, but she doesn’t know. Eardwulf cannot be controlled and will bring disaster. From then on she made a decision to help Uhtred and his allies, including Aethelred's wife, Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) whom he had locked away in the kingdom. Uhtred changes the plan. There is benefit in delaying their return however. Æthelred says he’ll consider it after Eardwulf takes all of East Anglia. Eadith suggests that they take advantage of all the chaos and run. However, they don’t have the power to defend themselves against Edward. ("Episode 4.6"), As they ride through the woods, hungry villagers rip the bread that Stiorra is eating right from her hands. If the Lady Æthelflæd throws herself into the paths of the Danes, it will leave a path open for Eadith, but she has no desire to be married to a husband who used to be king. "I believe that’s a clue for the book readers about Finan’s future. Eardwulf explains that all would be lost if he hadn’t. The Last Kingdom features some of the most famous and influential figures from the early years of England, incorporating them into the fictional story of its lead character, Uhtred of Bebbanburg. It aired on April 26, 2020. ("Episode 4.5"), Eardwulf and Eadith plan to ingratiate themselves with King Edward. It aired on April 26, 2020. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. The Last Kingdom season five is on the way for Netflix and the previous season introduced a new character - Eadith (played by Stefanie Martini). Meaning Eardwulf was tricked by Hæsten, who gave him false information. Died from the plague. Express. ("Episode 4.5"), Eadith sits at Æthelred’s side. ("Episode 4.6"), Wyre Forest, Mercia; Osferth and Eadith take Ælfwynn to a healer in the Wyre Forest. ("Episode 4.2"), King’s Lynn, East Anglia; Eadith tells Eardwulf that she has no choice but to act the part of the king’s whore. Last Appearance Eadith then asks Osferth about Finan and how they’re true warriors. Eadith would prefer to find her own way and says goodbye to Ælfwynn and Æthelstan. She tells the guards to look inside the pouch that her brother wears around his neck. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Æthelred tells Eardwulf that he isn’t worthy of his daughter and he will never rule Mercia. As Uhtred and his men draw closer to Bebbanburg, the prodigal son Wihtgar returns with some tricks up his sleeves. The Last Kingdom season 5: Will Finan's backstory be told? ("Episode 4.5"), Mercia; Eadith catches up to Uhtred. [THEORY]The Last Kingdom: Why did Aethelflaed give up Uhtred's daughter? Sigtryggr makes a speech about how when they fight, they work as one to achieve a common goal. She will find out where they captives are being kept. r/TheLastKingdom: A subreddit for "The Last Kingdom," the BBC/Netflix television show set in medieval England. As the guards inch towards them, Eadith reveals that her brother killed Lord Æthelred and she’s willing to swear it on the book. He reports that he met a Danish spy who revealed that Cnut is taking his warriors from East Anglia and heading to Irland, leaving their women and children in undefended settlements. He climbs on top of Æthelred and snaps his neck. ("Episode 4.10"), The Wessex and Mercian armies breach the front gate to Winchester. "Eadith is a bit different in terms of what she’s wearing she stands out compared to the other women.". They find themselves in a swamp filled with dead bodies, certainly the result of the sickness. The woman offers them wormwood, which is known to kill men. "At the beginning, she’s trading off her sexuality but a lot of costumes women wore at that time aren’t that sexy to be honest! They realize that at least one man is still alive but that he’s dying of a sickness. [THEORY]. They’re attacking the gates, and Hæsten doesn’t want to be there when the fight starts. Speaking about getting into character, Martini told Netflix: "Molly’s costume design was wonderful, the way she used the layers and the colour, there was something sensual about it that helped me in the way that Eadith moves. Asser, a monk with a strong animosity towards Uhtred, took the sword after the Battle of Tettenhall and has had it taken to Wealas. She ended up getting injured during the siege and Finan rushed to help her, and the pair seemed to have grown close. Eadith chooses to be loyal to Uhtred and Æthelflæd because she believes in what they are doing. As she frees the others, the two of them kill the remaining Dane. Hæsten informs Uhtred that Sigtryggr has landed from Irland and he wants all Danes to follow him. Fortunately, Uhtred gets to her in time before she can awaken them. The Last Kingdom: Eadith joined season 4 (Image: Netflix) Knotjust said: "It seems weirdly out of character for him. The group, with the exception of Eadith, who hides behind the trees, suddenly finds themselves surrounded by Hæsten and his men. He admits that it is. Eadith pays for their next jug of ale in exchange for them allowing her to travel with them when they leave Aegelesburg. Eadith fears that Ælfwynn is getting worse. However, before she can free them, she is caught by Hæsten, who suspects that she’s Eardwulf’s sister and recognizes her as Æthelred’s mistress. In it is Æthelred’s ring. newspaper archive. DON'T MISS...The Last Kingdom season 5: Will Uhtred give up on Bebbanburg? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Eadith proposes they take her to a healer in Aegelesburg. Although, if Eardwulf comes for them, Uhtred will not hesitate. The Last Kingdom: Uhtred comes across the 'Sickness' The Last Kingdom season five is on the way for Netflix and the previous season introduced a new character – Eadith (played by Stefanie Martini). Monks are leaving with silver to bargain for his heart. He is wounded, unconscious, and the back of his head is split open. Mercia (originally) Hæsten has a plan to escape, but Eadith refuses to leave with him. That’s when she crosses paths with a sleeping Eardwulf and his men. In "The Empty Throne", after Eardwulf is forced to flee with only a handful of his troops because Uhtred outwits him, his sister, Eadith, is captured. "When they're running to Winchester he is the one by her side the most and looks to be holding her hand or pulling her along. The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories series of novels. READ MORE: The Last Kingdom season 5: Will Finan's backstory be told? Æthelred promises Eardwulf that he will be rewarded for his hand in their victory. However, Æthelred’s willingness to kill his own wife would suggest otherwise. Content from both the books and the TV series are welcome! Nicbooful said: "I believe she will get with Finan. And so, Æthelred plans to make himself a widower, so he can then marry Eadith. In the books, Eadith in fact ends up in a relationship with Uhtred, so it will be interesting to see whether the series stays true to the source material. Family Mercia (originally) The Danes are being smoked out. As Uhtred and his men draw closer to Bebbanburg, the prodigal son Wihtgar returns with some tricks up his sleeves. He heeds Eadith’s warning and leaves. ("Episode 4.9"), Hæsten returns to the attic, where Eadith awaits. Die Dinge, die Emily Cox und ihre Kolleg*innen in der Serie "Jerks" tun und sagen, sind der Schauspielerin selbst unangenehm. Unbeknownst to him, Eadith watches through the curtains. She refuses to return to being landless and ridiculed. Eadith will follow her character in the books and Finan’s destiny is elsewhere.". Eadith has family in Frankia, but that way is Inland, so Uhtred invites Eadith to travel with them. He replies there is no honor in killing a sleeping man. "I've seen something different. However, they did defeat the Danes and Erdwukf assures the king he'll recover. The Last Kingdom season 5: Finan and Eadith could start a relationship, The Last Kingdom season 5: Mark Rowley as Finan. This story introduces Uhtred Ragnarson, born a Saxon then kidnapped by raiding Danes who raise him from age 11, [circular reference] teaching him how to be a warrior. Novel Series And so, Eardwulf’s guards turn on him. He’ll need a miracle to survive. Female The second Dane comes looking after him. The Last Kingdom season 5: Finan and Eadith may help each other, The Last Kingdom season 5: Stefanie Martini as Eadith. While Æthelred cannot place it, his stomach tells him that Eardwulf lies. Eadith asks what has he done. ("Episode 4.6"), Eadith tells Uhtred that he’s kinder than his reputation and that Lady Æthelflæd is lucky to have him serve her. Unlike her, he refuses to run merely because it’s become dangerous. She enters the room, as does Edward and Æthelflæd soon thereafter. King Æthelred is carted back to camp. Edward sent word to Æthelred that Cnut did not sail to Irland, but has rather been attacking Mercia. "Episode 4.1" Both have brought some sort of shame on their families, and it has been suggested Eadith has planted a seed in Finan's mind to return to his own family. Ælfwynn of Mercia is a supporting character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. The Last Kingdom is in its fourth season on Netflix and some fans were sad to see King Alfred (played by David Dawson) die at the end of season three. And he is taking Eadith with him, even as she opposes. ("Episode 4.7"), Aegelesburg, Mercia; They arrive outside the gates of Aegelesburg and are welcomed inside with an unconscious Ælfwynn in arms. He questions why she continues to deny him. Sihtric asks for his blade back from Æthelstan. ("Episode 4.4"), Aegelesburg, Mercia; Eardwulf and Eadith lead a fleet of men back to Aegelesburg, where they can tend to King Æthelred. He can’t recall much, but he remembers her name and asks if they were in love, but they weren’t. Millie Brady (born December 24, 1993) is an English actress who portrays Æthelflæd in The Last Kingdom. However, Eardwulf won’t deny the wishes of the king. Saxons. Finan tells Æthelstan to run into the trees when the fighting starts and Sihtric hands him a knife. He tells her that he’s leaving. Hair She is the daughter of Lady Æthelflæd and Lord Æthelred . She arrives with a message from Æthelflæd. Eadith fears that Ælfwynn is getting sick. He had been banished from Ireland as he was caught having a secret affair with his brother's wife, and fans are yet to learn more about his backstory. She displayed the courage and spirit of a true warrior. Red Though Eadith has been loyal to Ælfwynn, Æthelflæd is the Queen now, and Eadith was her husband’s mistress, who her brother killed. The Last Kingdom remained in the top ten for 19 days in the US, and 24 days in the UK. ("Episode 4.3"), East Anglia; Eardwulf buries the body of a dead messenger in a shallow grave. Season 4 is over, but we're already rooting for these couples to make it in season 5. Directed by Edward Bazalgette. Fans fell in love with Eadith's character as she quickly became one of the strong female voices in the series. The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now and fans were excited for the fourth season to arrive in the spring of 2020. Eardwulf suggests they leave quietly, before the Ealdorman can disapprove. Status Groups are forming. Young Uhtred believes that it only takes sinners. The Last Kingdom serves up action, adventure, and plenty of romance. Edith explains that she would rather sleep on cold earth than in a palace where people see her as a whore. The first season debuted on BBC America on 10 October 2015, and BBC Two on 22 October 2015. ("Episode 4.9"), Sigtryggr gathers his men and brings Eardwulf out before them as discovering that Eardwulf works to his own plan and they need to be of one mind. Last Kingdom season 5: Will Eadith abandon Uhtred in plot twist? To allow Eadith to remain in Aegelesburg would make her look weak, and so Æthelflæd has arranged a place for Eadith at the nunnery, where she can live and be safe.