Wellington, PO Box 25309 Use our Airbnb first booking coupon to get a $55 discount on your first stay. Last year Statistics NZ estimated Kiwis renting out properties through sites such as Airbnb earned more than $550m in the year to March 2018, but annual revenue could be as high as $700m. In Europe, Airbnb is anywhere from 8% to 17% cheaper than a regional hotel’s average daily rate. What are the zoning rules, building/housing standards and taxes like in the area? Some cities (and hosts) levy steep fees in addition to the nightly rate, and others do not. December 7, 2020 December 3, 2020 With the millions of stays that occur each year, about 3% to 7% of stays go awry. It’s about time the internet had a single place with all of the most up-to-date information from leading experts in property management, investing and real estate law. Welcome to Airbnb Stats, a near real time site that tracks listings statistics on Airbnb. The Best Airbnb Deals in Auckland, New zealand. Not only you can usually find comfortable apartments for the same price as shared hostels, but you will also meet nice people who could you talk to and have a nice evening together. Instead of fighting a movement that is already making a valuable contribution to the New Zealand economy, the tourism sector needs to get over itself and extend an olive branch to P2P accommodation providers. Level 20 For example, regular regional training workshops could be run for households looking to list via a P2P accommodation provider that focus on what is needed to offer a high standard of service to visitors. According to Airbnb statistics, the following cities are expected to be the most popular destinations in the coming year, based on a year-over-year (YoY) increase in booking percentages. Important factors in booking an Airbnb Experience: Experience hosts earn an average of $10,000 per year with top-earning Experience hosts earning $800,000 a year. New Zealand hosts rented out their houses or rooms for an average of 26 to 27 nights a year. Most hotels do not offer the range of options that Airbnb hosts do. In New York alone, it’s estimated $110 million should have been paid in taxes but was not collected. 10 stocks we like better than Airbnb, Inc. The fastest-growing host demographic is seniors, with over 400,000 senior hosts: Women constitute 56% of hosts and have earned $32 billion since the company began in 2008. Find Deals. But Infometrics calculations in the following table shows that both destinations are higher yielding than other parts of New Zealand (just over $1,500pa). Many cities are cracking down on short-term or vacation rentals due to the effect Airbnb tends to have on the housing market. These properties earn up to 400% more than standard listings and due to Airbnb’s marketing and algorithms, are more likely to be seen by guests. Looking more closely at other statistics provided by Airbnb shows that the typical host in Queenstown-Lakes earns a higher average yield ($8,600 per annum) than Auckland hosts ($3,200pa). In some U.S. markets, Airbnb can be 6% to 17% cheaper than hotels, The hotel industry loses approximately $450 million in direct revenues per year to AirBnb, Hosts with 10 or more properties generate a quarter of, 81% of Airbnb’s revenue ($4.6 billion) in 2017 comes from whole-unit rentals where owner is not present during the guest’s stay, Revenue growth for whole-unit rentals has increased by an average of 76% each year in most markets except those where cities are enacting strict regulations, the percentage of. Home > News > 390,000 Airbnb guest nights in Auckland, 180,000 in Queenstown. AirDNA tracks the performance data of 10M Airbnb & Vrbo vacation rentals in 120K global markets. Some neighborhoods are experiencing or are at risk of gentrification due to Airbnb’s popularity and the locals can’t afford to frequent all the new businesses that are there to cater to tourists. community cancel. But Infometrics calculations in the following table shows that both destinations are higher yielding than other parts of New Zealand (just over $1,500pa). Depending on the tech-savviness of the Airbnb host, checking in might be a complicated process. Airbnb’s rebound continued through the summer and early fall. Will local laws prevent you from carrying out maintenance on your property or will you have to hire a professional to do so? However, these companies are understandably cagey to release commercially-sensitive data on their market positions. Belong anywhere with Airbnb. Wellington Private accommodation, on the other hand, makes use of an accommodation resource that is already there, but is simply underutilised. Dec 17, 2020 - Rent from people in Queenstown, New Zealand from $20/night. Amenities can save (or cost) you money. Look for reviews on other booking websites for the properties you are interested in and be sure you are not booking a fake listing that stole images off somebody else’s property description. Some Airbnbs have self-check-in, and others require you to meet up with the host who will then give you access to the property. The problem is that P2P accommodation providers are treated to a predictable chorus of complaint from the commercial accommodation sector who argue an unregulated market place will deliver inferior experiences. And remember Airbnb isn’t the only place to find private accommodation. We have 30+ years experience delivering insights and data on NZ's industries and regions. + The MUA rules apply to properties owned by individuals, partnerships, look-through companies, trusts and other close companies and therefore capture the most common investment or … By matching this underutilised housing, with paying guests, P2P accommodation providers are allowing New Zealand to leverage up its housing return and more efficiently make use of capital. The following table summarises these differences in average occupancy rates for Airbnb compared to commercial accommodation providers over the March 2017 year. Airbnb does not specify what may lead them to require hosts to complete the identity verification process but it is done using types of ID, submitting an address. Are there excessive fees involved in licensing or obtaining a permit? Are there timeshare, co-op or HOA rules? By comparison, commercial operators are always aiming to fill their rooms to maximise their return on investment. We make the lives of landlords, tenants and real estate investors easier by giving them the knowledge and resources they care most about. By comparison, Auckland’s 7,000 listings represent approximately 1.3% of the 540,000 dwellings in our biggest city. And in some countries, tourists encroach on local neighborhoods and disrupt “local” life. P2P providers already self-regulate themselves, with a peer reviewing system that effectively pushes private households into ensuring they deliver a quality experience. For Airbnb, that means there's plenty of upside potential in the stock even as the company has already disrupted the hotel industry. Taking the total revenue estimates outlined above, in conjunction with average Airbnb listing prices per effective room (calculated using data from Airdna) and the assumption that occupancy per room is similar to commercial accommodation, we found some startling results. Shopify Statistics (Market Share, Revenue, Sellers & More) August 10, 2020 Shopify is one of the top 3 leaders of cloud-based E-Commerce, with this platform offering software for merchants in many industry areas to promote and manage their online products and services. Not all guests are looking for an “authentic” experience or to “live like a local.” Hotels offer a lot of conveniences that some travelers prefer. Hi do we need to declare the income we receive as hosts of AirBNB in New Zealand. The question now is where to from here? It’s free and we won’t ever spam you. It’s time that stakeholders in the tourism sector invite P2P accommodation providers to have a seat at the big kids’ table. Over the year to March 2017, we estimate that there were just under 1,000,000 Airbnb guest nights in New Zealand. Airbnb was founded as a company in August 2008, after an experience that the cofounders Nathan Blecharczyk, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia when renting out space in their apartment for travelers. If you are in an Airbnb owned by a host living in another country and something breaks or malfunctions, you may not get the problem resolved right away. In Boston, where the study was conducted, rent had increased by $178.o0 due to Airbnb activity. We are not GST registered. We use it a lot and have just a good experience. Solely putting focus on constructing new commercial accommodation is not necessarily the most efficient way to accommodate visitors. You might like to subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest news from Infometrics in your inbox. Guests should always read reviews, message hosts if they have questions and protect themselves: Pay only through Airbnb’s secure payment platform to protect financial information, Do not share identifying personal information and utilize the platform to message others, Check public databases and sex offender registries for those you may interact with offline, Share travel plans with a family member and allow your mobile phone to be tracked, Report suspicious activity, hostile users, fraudulent information and other problematic behaviors to Airbnb immediately. Total guest nights in New Zealand fell 1.8 percent to 2,268,000. The number of Airbnb listings in Queenstown-Lakes is incredible when one considers that there are only around 20,000 dwellings in the district. Guests who cancel will have cancellation and refund options, and hosts can cancel without charge or impact to their Superhost status. Do your homework on who your hosts are. 95% acceptance rate for booking rates in the prior 12 months, Must be “Entire Home” listing or private bedroom with its own bathroom. Bookings in the third quarter trailed 2019’s numbers by just 21% on average. © 2020, iPropertyManagement.com. Sure, some dwellings may have multiple Airbnb listings, but even so, Airbnb’s claim of 2,000 listings translates to about 10% of Queenstown-Lakes’ dwelling stock. Even in Auckland and Queenstown these proportions are just 5.2% and 4.2% respectively. Turn on suggestions. In a study by Morgan Stanley, they … Users spend an average of 11 minutes and 31 seconds on the Airbnb app. In 2018, the top 10 countries that saw a direct economic impact from Airbnb based on host income and estimated guest spending were: Guests staying at Airbnb properties tend to spend money in the local area. Many properties will also have their own website with more in-depth information, photos, and location. Airbnb today revealed the average host age in New Zealand is 47 years old and almost half are over 50. For larger groups, an Airbnb is likely to offer significant savings on nightly rates. That amounts to 8.8 million nights or 18 per cent of … For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Some Airbnb properties have a kitchen allowing the guest to save money by cooking their own meals vs. having to eat out when staying at a hotel. Save money on your trip by finding the biggest discounts for top-rated Airbnb rentals in Auckland. A 2016 study suggested that a 10% increase in Airbnb listings led to a 0.42% increase in rent prices being asked in that area. The Airbnb platform has resulted in an increase of guest arrivals to the least visited destinations in the world between 2016 and 2018: In 2016, Airbnb supported 730,000 annual jobs, 92% of Airbnb listings in Jersey City are located within .5 miles of public transit to New York City, increasing the likelihood that economic benefit of guests will not be realized locally, 75.7% of listings are multi-listings in Jersey City and more likely to be owned by a business than private owner, In 2019, New Jersey residents who rented out properties received over $175 million, 34.1% of listings are multi-listings in NYC and more likely to be owned by a business than private owner, In 2014, the New York Attorney General’s report determined that 72% of Airbnb units studied were in violation of the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law or New York City’s Administrative Code, 13,500 units of housing in NYC have been lost through Airbnb, Airbnb has contributed to raising median rent by as much as 1.4% or $380.00 and in some pricier neighborhoods by as much as $700.00, In 2017, 72% of the population in neighborhoods at the highest risk for gentrification were not white. In 2019, Airbnb became heavily regulated, restricted or made illegal altogether in many cities where it previously had very high numbers of listings and bookings: Airbnb statistics indicate that COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines have taken a massive toll on the company’s revenue. The top 10 destinations of outbound guests are the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. As more landlords and owners convert their properties to short-term rentals, this takes them off the market for long-term renters or owner-occupiers in an area. Some hosts are allowed to require their guests to complete identity verification in order to book their experience or property. Really am not sure what we should be doing. Of these guest nights, almost 200,000 were in Queenstown-Lakes, while just over double that were in Auckland. 6140 A key part of this training would also be ensuring that households had access to local resources, so that they could assist their guests in knowing what range of visitor activities were on offer in their area. This proportion was even higher in Queenstown-Lakes (19%) and Auckland (38%), while in the rest of New Zealand the proportion was only 9.2%. Guests spent approximately $25 billion at restaurants and cafes in 2018, 84% of hosts recommend local restaurants and cafes to guests, 42% of guests indicate they spend primarily in the neighborhood where they are staying. Look at how regulations could affect your bottom line as far as occupancy- are there constraints on how long or when you are able to rent your property? Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. In December 2019, 10.4 million guests stayed in an Airbnb for the holidays: On any given night, 2 million people are staying in Airbnb rentals across the world, Airbnb’s main website saw 91 million visits in January 2020 with 50% of traffic through mobile devices, Airbnb’s yearly revenue in 2018 was $3.6 billion, increase of 38% from 2017, Airbnb’s yearly revenue in 2017 was $2.6 billion, increase of 73% from 2016, Airbnb has over 400 agreements with local and national governments to automate the collection of tourism taxes, collecting over $2 billion in tourism-related taxes through these agreements. Due to increasing regulations, growth is slow or not occurring at all in some of Airbnb’s former top cities: Sampling of cities that previously saw high numbers of listings but are now heavily regulated with most listings considered illegal: Airbnb’s valuation decreased 48.6%, from $35 billion to $18 billion, in a matter of months, Airbnb stands to lose 54% of its revenue due to the novel coronavirus, Investors are optimistic, contributing an additional $2 billion to the company’s IPO fund after March of 2020, In August of 2020, the company enacted a global ban on gatherings of more than 16 people at AirBnB listed properties “until further notice”, The company also adjusted its policies to allow for hosts to make last-minute cancellations under “etenuating circumstances” without incurring a penalty. Related: Airbnb Regulations 2018- Invest in These Cities Where Airbnb Is Legal. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. This step enables us to get a feel for how many people are choosing Airbnb over hotels, motels, and other traditional options. Belong anywhere with Airbnb. Government statistics show that one in five visitors to New Zealand stay in Airbnb accommodation. Unforgettable trips start with Airbnb. Some areas are affected more. If someone gets bad reviews, either they will need to lift their game, or the market will squeeze them out. Looking more closely at other statistics provided by Airbnb shows that the typical host in Queenstown-Lakes earns a higher average yield ($8,600 per annum) than Auckland hosts ($3,200pa). The most popular cities for booking experiences are: As of 2019, there are over 40,000 Airbnb Experiences worldwide. Compare the rates vacation rentals are bringing in vs. what the median rent is in the area. Airbnb: direct economic impact of Airbnb in North America, by country 2018 Number of sharing economy users in the U.S. 2016-2021 Number of Airbnb users in the U.S. 2016-2022 While some Airbnb properties are extremely lucrative when rented out short term, some markets do better with long-term tenants than guests. Analyze Airbnb occupancy rates, revenue, and pricing. However, the scope of the background checks is limited. We both have 9-5 jobs etc. 12.2% of the issues were caused by a misleading listing. The average Airbnb host isn’t necessarily looking to have visitors year-round. If Airbnb has enough identifying information they will check databases for criminal records and national sex offender registries within the U.S., and to the extent permitted by the law in that host’s country. Taking time to understand the area, its residents, unique challenges and getting to know your host ahead of time can make your Airbnb stay memorable and make a difference in the local economy. Launched in February 2018 for exceptional in-person verified properties: Plus homes are available in 41 cities around the world, twice as many since launch, Plus homes earn up to 400% more than standard listings, Plus home listings are more likely to be seen by guests, As of February 2020, there are over 26,000 Plus listings, 43% of guests indicate functionality is their top valued amenity, 58% of millennials indicate social media worthiness is a major factor in booking decisions, 59% of US guests, 46% of Australian guests and 39% of Italian guests value air conditioning over wi-fi, Guests from the US, Australian and Canadian tend to value free parking over a pool, Hotels such as Marriot International are adding home-rental offerings to their portfolios. $70 /night. These guests can now choose from 6 million homes, yurts, treehouses, boats and more, scattered across six continents, as well as over 25,000 Experiences available in over 1,000 cities. While the city has since tightened the regulations around vacation rentals, there are still many countries and cities around the world that are keeping Airbnb on a short leash to protect their stock of affordable housing and reduce the external effects on neighbors living near short-term rental properties. Airbnb is a community based on connection and belonging—a community that was born in 2008 when two hosts welcomed three guests to their San Francisco home, and has since grown to 4 million hosts who have welcomed over 800 million guest arrivals to about 100,000 cities in almost every country and region across the globe. Any ideas? The following table shows that total Airbnb guest nights are equivalent to just 2.6% of the commercial accommodation total in New Zealand. Airbnb Occupancy Rate for Neighborhoods. Find adventures nearby or in faraway places and access unique homes, experiences, and places around the world. In fact, hotels that cater to niche audiences or guests tend to be some of the most expensive places to stay in popular tourist destinations. Over 50% of Airbnb users in 2016 used Airbnb to replace a traditional hotel stay. If something goes wrong with your room at a hotel, it’s not hard to get hold of somebody to fix it or move you to another room. But these complaints have little substance. Airbnbs are also better than a hotel if you will spending more time in your accommodation whereas a hotel may not be the best place to stay if you want to entertain, telecommute or make your own meals. Airbnb has contributed to raising median rent by as much as 1.4% or $380.00 and in some pricier neighborhoods such as Manhattan by as much as $700.00. purposes (Airbnb) then the Mixed Use Asset (MUA) rules may apply to apportion the costs. Clearly hotels, motels, and other commercial options will always play a key role in New Zealand’s visitor infrastructure. This article profiles the market position of private accommodation provided through Airbnb in New Zealand’s two biggest visitor destinations, Auckland and Queenstown. It also argues that private accommodation, provided through peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms, needs to be embraced as part of the solution to managing peak load in the New Zealand tourism sector. Airbnb guests like to flash their cash, statistics indicate that guests staying in a San Francisco hotel spend just over $800 on a 3.5-day trip. Are they fronts for a large company with a huge portfolio of properties or are you truly supporting a resident where you’re planning to visit? Plimmer Towers 1 Bed. About 13.45% of guest issues are caused by unsafe or unpleasant conditions, such as bug infestations, broken appliances, hostile/intimidating hosts, or hidden cameras in the unit. In most Airbnbs where you are renting the “whole house” you will not encounter other guests or housekeeping staff knocking on your door at 10 am demanding access. In addition to our tips for staying safe online when booking an Airbnb, we recommend taking your time to do some research, especially if you are heading out of the country. Key stakeholders in the tourism sector, such as visitor experience operators, regional tourism organisations, and government departments (such as MBIE) could also work together to draw up a framework for supporting private accommodation providers. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. For a more home-away-from-home experience, most Airbnbs will be better than a hotel. Here are the, 390,000 Airbnb guest nights in Auckland, 180,000 in Queenstown, Threatened migration clampdown would lead to economic slump, Low wage growth amidst tight labour market, instructions for how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, New suite of construction products in the pipeline, Filling gaps in local area data for transport decision-making. If, on any given night, all Airbnb hosts were willing to let out their rooms, then the 19,000 listings would compare to an average of 137,544 commercial stay units that were available each night during the March 2017 year. Our statistics will tell you past and current profitability in each city. But Airbnb’s relative size appears much smaller when you work out how total Airbnb guest nights stack up against commercial accommodation guest nights. There have been over half a billion Airbnb stays since the company started Is it true you are allowed one boarder, does renting out a room with Airbnb classify as a boarder? If you will be driving a vehicle, check to see if parking is available. 16 Dec 2020 - Rent from people in New Zealand from $28 NZD/night. After all, hotels are an extremely capital intensive investment and, apart from peak summer months, have relatively low occupancy the rest of the year. The majority of guests are younger adults: When guests were asked why they chose Airbnb: 22% of hosts indicate they chose to host after first being an Airbnb guest. Over 26,000 listings are Airbnb Plus. Other innovations designed to keep the company afloat include Online Experiences: More than 80% of Online Experience guests attend from outside the host’s home country. The reason for Airbnb having a smaller relative number of guest nights is due to lower occupancy rates. 1 Bath. These people showed up to the Airbnb and found it was not what was described on the listing. The verification process is growing increasingly important for the company. Different towns and cities around the country have varying Airbnb statistics, so be sure to get to know how your listing should perform. In the 10 cities with the largest Airbnb market share in the US, the entry of Airbnb resulted in 1.3 percent fewer hotel nights booked and a 1.5 percent loss in hotel revenue. High rental demand can be understood by assessing the annual occupancy rates and increase in listings for the area you are looking at. As a result, the company will postpone its IPO. The U.S. is facing an unprecedented housing shortage. Hosts and commercial operators listing multiple properties for rent represent one of Airbnb’s fastest-growing segments. Authenticity is overrated. Long-term stays are typically less expensive in an Airbnb. Airbnb shares opened at $146 (€120.3) on the Nasdaq on Thursday, far above the initial public offering (IPO) price of $68 apiece. All Rights Reserved. But it is about time that P2P accommodation platforms like Airbnb are embraced as a sensible part of the solution to carefully managing future growth in the tourism sector. The countries with the most Airbnb listings are: The top 10 destinations for inbound guests are the United States, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Portugal. Most Airbnbs are nothing like traditional hotels or hostels. There are no studies indicating that Airbnb expansion in an area results in increased construction of housing. We have also estimated how many Airbnb guest nights there were over the past year. Domestic tourism in New Zealand is already showing early signs of bouncing back and contributing to economic recovery, new data today released by Airbnb shows. 2 Gilmer Tce Is there a certain amount you are allowed to earn before declaring? And judging by the barrage of complaints I have seen in the media, commercial accommodation providers don’t like it one bit. The results in the previous section show that, while small, Airbnb is having a significant nibble around the edges of the tourism sector. Airbnb Statistics 2020 (Growth, Revenue, Hosts + More!) To qualify for a listing, the Host must have: Plus homes are available in 41 cities around the world, twice as many since launch. When Airbnb does determine a user has been convinced of any of the following offenses they will be permanently banned from the platform: There are many factors to consider if you are considering purchasing a property to use as a vacation rental. Trying to contact Airbnb in New Zealand but can't seem to find a number anywhere. The company even squeaked out … Infometrics is a leading NZ economic consultancy. Of the $55m spent on Airbnb accommodation in New Zealand over the past year, $22m was spent in Auckland and $17m was earned by hosts in Queenstown-Lakes District. The company has 728,000 Twitter followers, 14,384 employees work directly for Airbnb, Only 12.3% of Airbnb’s US-based employees are from underrepresented populations, 75% of Airbnb employees felt their pay was fair, In preparation for an IPO in 2020 or 2021, Airbnb has $6.4 billion in cash raised across 22 funding rounds, 400,000 companies directly engage with Airbnb to manage travel, In 2018, 58% of hosts and booking guests worldwide were millennials, As of 2016, 44% of Americans have participated in some way in the “sharing economy”. Check our future stats to see if you should change your rate based on occupancy. Having now established what each host makes and the size of Airbnb’s footprint in New Zealand, it is interesting to put these estimates alongside the commercial accommodation sector. The Studio - modern space, views and breakfast. There are now around 20,000 listings on Airbnb in New Zealand and hosts earned a total of $55m over the March 2017 year. Those staying at an Airbnb … As a result, it is difficult to gauge how much more other P2P accommodation providers add to guest nights. +64 4 909 7612. While Airbnb does collect and pay taxes, analysis suggests that illegal listings and improper accounting results in local municipal authorities not seeing the return in lodging tax. Michael, Kat, and Amol were Airbnb’s first three guest arrivals; now, a decade later, three guests check into an Airbnb listing every half-second. Airbnb Plus, launched in February 2018, is for exceptional properties meeting stringent guidelines and inspected and photographed by an Airbnb representative. Airbnb listings are generally very safe, and with a 50% review rate, you can be sure to have adequate information about the listing before your stay. Airbnb properties will greatly vary from one to the other and may not necessarily have the same standards as a hotel. Price Range. Many New Zealanders have spent way too much money on housing, so why not accept them using the asset productively as being a sensible choice? Our list of the best (and worst) places to buy properties is based on revenue growth, investment potential, regulation, and seasonal demand. Airbnb and co-founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk commit 400,000 Airbnb shares and $6M to new community-focused non-profit. 6 guests check into an Airbnb listing every second, There have been over 500 million Airbnb stays since the company started, There are over 7 million listings worldwide in over 220 countries and regions, There are AirBnB listings in over 100,000 cities. There are several other P2P platforms providing private accommodation in New Zealand, such as Bookabach and Holiday Houses. Airbnb is taking a very bold step by issuing a multi billion dollar IPO during a global economic slowdown – something that was unthinkable a few years ago.