Best 21 Comedy Anime Shows That Will Instantly Lighten Your Mood, Top 31 Action Anime [Best Ones Ever In Anime History], Top 21 Best Lesbian Anime Within The Anime Industry, Top 21 Cute Anime Series That Will Leave You Fuzzy. The idea of two girls going on a daring dive with sharks in the company of strangers tries to spice the thrill but the reason behind it is just a spoiler. Dass 47 METERS DOWN kein Schnellschuss ist, wird deutlich, wenn man schaut, wer für den Film verantwortlich zeichnet. In their quest to prove that Lisa is not boring, the movie delves deeper into their desperation by introducing the party guys Louis and Benjamin who invite the girls to cage diving in the company of sharks. Lisa survives. The concept probably would move a younger audience with no experience on the edge of their seats but for a more mature audience, there would be a dismissal. Thrillers are meant to bring the audience on the edge and just knock the breath out of their throats. The artistic vice versa role-playing creates an artistic effect on the plot of the movie. She also braves swimming with the sharks keeping her sister who is unable to swim due to the wounds caused by the sharks. The mentioning of the gas earlier kills the intended suspense and curiosity. The mention of rescue teams delaying and being far does not create the effect it did 20 years ago. Kate is the certified diver, but Lisa jumps into action, swims to the top to get help. 1 video Updated last year. 01:50:08. Lisa cries out for her sister to no avail. The fantasy that Lisa assumes, create a supposed happy ending, reduces the height of horror thus kills the effect that was to be created on the audience. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged ist ein US-amerikanisch-britischer Tierhorrorfilm aus dem Jahr 2019. The base of this horror story was unreasonable. “My gage is on 5-bar,” she gasps, “(My tank is) going to run out any minute.”. Ich wusste nicht, dass es eine Fortsetzung gibt. Search. But to avoid the potentially fatal affects of the bends, they’ll have to take a “decompression stop” for five minutes, meaning five minutes of dodging sharks while treading water below the surface. Well, there are actually two endings to 47 Meters Down. They are invited to Scuba diving by the two hunks, Yani Hellman and Santiago Segura as Louis and Benjamin. But in its final act, this shark tale takes a trippy turn that’s got people talking. 47 Meters Down grossed $44.3 million in the United States and Canada and $17.4 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $61.7 million, against a production budget of $5.5 million. Kate is the life of the movie, she is the reason behind all the action. Then 47 Meters Down reveals the terrible truth: Lisa is still in the water, still in the cage, talking to herself as the Coast Guard finally comes to her rescue. (Stand 18. It’s as if the pain of that pressure is informing Lisa’s hallucination, seeking a reason for the hurt. Die Website Rotten Tomatoes sah rund 45 Prozent der dort aufgeführten Kritiken zum Film als positiv an. When the girls get into the water, with the knowledge that the cage is not secure, a few chills are sent down the audience’s spine. ^^ 0 2. madtomax 21.07.2020, 16:35 @Jenny877 Greift nur den Namen auf. The movie tries to blend fun and danger too but ends up with a bumpy mixture, rather than a smooth satisfying end. Referring to the old school but popular Anaconda series, there was always a mission of a certain level of importance that would force the characters to delve into danger. She is lovable in Vampires Diaries, and thus she had a share of fans waiting to be thrilled more. Library. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged subtitles. By 2017, when the movie was released, the audience already has been exposed to scenarios where the saviors always come in too late. The obviousness of creating a hero who saves the day in Lisa is quite ironical since she is the one with no wit as far as scuba diving is concerned. Die Redaktion vergleicht viele Faktoren und verleihen dem Kandidat am Ende die finale Punktzahl. Just like many other horrors, when the audience thinks that things are getting better, the unexpected happens. Rezeption Kritiken. فيلم 47 Meters Down مترجم اون لاين فلم مغامرة , دراما , رعب , من تمثيل وبطولة الممثلين العالميين Claire Holt و Mandy Moore و Matthew Modine و والإستمتاع ومشاهدة فيلم 47 Meters Down اون لاين motarjam لأول مرةوحصريا في … Desperate, Kate swims out of the cage once more so she can radio Captain Taylor (Matthew Modine) for assistance. In the beginning of 47 Meters Down, Lisa (played by Mandy Moore) and Kate (played by Claire Holt) decide to hop on a "dive boat" that looks more like it was rejected as a prop for a low-budget Wicked Tuna knockoff. With Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine, Chris Johnson. 47 Metres Down review – shark-cage thriller sinks to the bottom The deep blue … 47 Meters Down, staring Mandy Moore and Claire Holt. The movie gives warnings this action-packed rescue sequence isn’t “real.” For one thing, the leg that the shark bites is the same one that’s been trapped under the cage. Using the spear gun as a crude grappling hook, she tugs the tank to herself, but not before slicing open her palm on the spear. Production is also geared towards satisfying the needs of specific audiences. 47 Meters Down: Ein Film von Johannes Roberts mit Mandy Moore und Claire Holt. So, what’s the deal with 47 Meters Down’s ending? What is that meant to achieve? The key to this sequence is something Taylor told Kate in their last communication: Everything that happens after Lisa connected her second tank up until the Coast Guard swims up to her cage is a hallucination. The subtly tragic ending, to a great extent, fails to raise the amount of required hairs. A keen watcher would easily tell that Lisa was hallucinating after the captain mentions the gas to Kate but a sloppy one would easily miss that part. Regisseur JOHANNES ROBERTS kennt sich mit Horror aus. This is a shocking reality to her and part of the audience. Clair Holt is also a hot name on the movie scene. In the end, one of the sisters dies. Videos. Handlung. As he leans over her, Taylor’s voice seems strange, like it’s coming through a squawky radio. 47 Meters Down is an intensive thriller that ends with an unusual twist - here's what happens in the final scenes of the movie. Moving the scenes from the red waters to the partying and dancing boggles the mind. 47 Meters Down Uncaged `2019` 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Full 2019 Movie Video HD . However, she is the imaginary protagonist and the eventual antagonist to the disappointment of her fans. Viewers who were hoping for blood chilling experiences in the cinema were shocked. The ending of 47 Meters Down can be said to be partially artistic. Every existing movie has an inspiration behind it. Amanda Leigh Moore, staring as Lisa, the elder sister of Claire Holt, staring as Kate, has just been dumped by the boyfriend on claims that she is boring. Der Film handelt von den Geschwistern Lisa und Kate, die in einem Tauchkäfig auf dem Meeresgrund gefangen sind, in 47 Metern Tiefe. She actually manages to get the adventurous audience to her side only to disappoint them in her premature death in the movie. Getting Started | Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page. Da siehst Du niemanden von davor wieder. Your email address will not be published. The girls get at the sight of diving and for the first time, the elder sister syndrome kicks in for Lisa. She attacks the shark’s eye to break free of its powerful jaws, and is finally pulled to safety. Making her the shark bait and ending her life was purely immoral. This is a tragedy. If it is not escaping a sociopath, aliens or creepy creatures in sleep, it is fighting off abnormally scary animals. In Mexico zijn de twee zussen Lisa en Kate op vakantie. Here the film slightly achieves the horrifying effect. The art in it kills the purported horror that could have been intended. The captain, captain Taylor is the seasoned actor Mathew Module assisted by Chris John as Javier. The idea of 47 Meters Down ending using a fake ‘happily ever after’ effect is partially annoying and amusing at the same time. Also, note that her hallucination begins and ends with the same image: the blood from her hand drifting, as if in water. "47 Meters Down": So gruselig geht es nach dem Ende in "47 Meters Down 2" weiter! 47 Meters Down: Uncaged is a 2019 American-British survival horror film directed by Johannes Roberts and written by Roberts and Ernest Riera, and a standalone sequel to 47 Meters Down (2017). This is a quite flimsy reason for dumping someone but probably, Johannes Roberts want to showcase the sketchiness that exists in relationships in the current generation. Kate was the one who knew about scuba diving. The masses went for the movie after its release, with different expectations. In today's video we discuss the "47 Meters Down (2017) Ending Scene Explained - After the Credits/Post Credits". On the other side, happy endings are rarely expected in horror movies. The fact that it breaks and ends up at the bottom of the ocean is no surprise at all. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window). It does not pass the bar of the underwater thrillers. 47 Meters Down was completed last year and readied for an August 2016 VOD release (under the title In the Deep), and its stay of execution came about for one reason and one reason only: because about five weeks before its street date, The Shallows came out and got shockingly good reviews and made a shockingly healthy amount of money, for what it was. By Kristy Puchko | Film | March 23, 2018 |. She manages to swim to the top to get help. All horror movies build anxiety on the urge to survive in a minimally possible way that there is. This move tries to bring in the savage and barbaric nature of seasoned divers. Then boom! Fear Runs Deep. With this information on the ramshackle of the diving equipment that the shady captain is offering, the audience easily predicts what is likely to happen once the cage gets down. The struggle that Lisa puts up at the beginning, tries to build up the tension but before it reaches the needed heights, the struggle collapses. Jenny877 Fragesteller 21.07.2020, 15:51. Lisa drifts into a reverie after inhaling the supposed Nitrogen Narcosis that leads to hallucinations. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film … Wider unseren Vergleichssieger konnte sich niemand messen. Full Cast and Crew | Official Sites | Company Credits | Filming & Production | Technical Specs. 47 Meters Down is a solid entry into the hellish-holiday (or, if we may, 'slaycation') sub-genre, and as you might guess from the above synopsis, it … The two girls wanted to prove a very egoistic point to Lisa’s boyfriend. Taylor tells her he’ll send down extra air tanks, and that the Coast Guard is on the way. She operates on what her sister told her about diving. The scene arrangement of 47 Meters Down, from the beginning to the end give thriller dosages in small amounts. Spoilers below. However, it is not entirely described as a horror movie by most of the critics and movie analysts. The ending of 47 Meters down can be explained in different ways. If the captain was meant to be an irritating self-opinionated character, it is not achieved. Privacy Policy / Advertise It is ironical that she is the most upbeat, yet she is the youngest. Blood drifts from her wounded hand and into the air. She tries swimming as well and manages to get the extra tank of oxygen that the captain had given to Kate. Da hatte 47 Meters Down von der Story ja zumindest noch etwas Tiefe oder den Versuch dahin. However, the partying and drinking scenes, with Kate achieving the fun-loving adventurous appeal on the audience, arouses the curiosity of the audience. She doesn’t disappoint in the movie, 47 meters down. She’s dead. She is attacked by a shark and doesn’t manage to return to the cage with the items she gets from the captain. If you like to get search results as RSS after search, click on icon at bottom When 47 meters down was released, the audience was thirsty for underwater thrills. But before Kate can return to the safety of the cage, a shark snatches her and drags her out of sight. 47 Meters Down (ook bekend als In the Deep) is een Brits-Amerikaanse film uit 2017, geregisseerd door Johannes Roberts. Scariest Scene Ever: ’47 Meters Down’ and a Flare in the Depths Posted on Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 by Meagan Navarro (Welcome to Scariest Scene Ever , … The obvious reactions kill the horrifying effect that any horror movie hopes to achieve. She imagines breaking free, swimming towards the sister, saving her from the teeth of the sharks. The movie features Mandy Moore and Claire Holt playing the two sisters, Lisa and Kate respectively. Everyone with heightened tension hopes for relief but with hardcore horror audiences existing, hope should not be given. Sign up to our newsletter and receive 10% off your first order! The writers would have opted to just make it a light horror. In the introduction of the movie, there is a spillage of red wine in water creating some kind of blood illusion. Photograph: Studios/Kobal/Rex Shutterstock The hallucination at the end portrays the wishful fallacy of happy endings. Then, comes a new rush of hope as she hears Kate calling to her over the radio. Also, Kate is shoved into action too soon and also taken out too soon. In her own mind, Lisa became an action hero who got to nobly save her beloved sister. About Us What’s New Help Center Jobs API … Ze varen met een oude boot. Auf dieser Seite findest du eine Selektion von 47 meters down ending explained getestet und dabei die markantesten Infos recherchiert. 47 Meters Down doesn't take its terrifying premise quite as far as it should, but its toothy antagonists still offer a few thrills for less demanding genre enthusiasts. It might be a good approach to critical watchers who would love to understand the mind of the producers. Johannes Roberts’s deep sea-set thriller precisely steps through the resilient pair’s quest to survive, following their furtive swims outside the cage to make radio contact to could-be rescuers, and to retrieve a survival gear. When the hinges break and the cage falls back into the depth of the ocean, the audience most likely gasps in terror. Spoilers. On hearing her sister scream after a shark attack, she swims into action. And hungry sharks are just waiting for them to make an attempt […] The actual ending, as … But then, who expects that it would be an easy escape just like that? Er ist die Fortsetzung von 47 Meters Down (2016). The fact that the famous Amanda Leigh Moore was staring in the movie also attracted the viewers. A norm does not arouse anxiety. Danke für den Tipp. The cage looks shaky and the chains are not in good conditions. Lisa — the more cautious sister — is skeptical of the operation and even protests. On the other hand, the need to portray the impulsive nature of humans nowadays can be an inspiration as well. The captain, Taylor, dismisses Lisa’s concerns about their safety. At the surface, a shark catches her leg and she is able to gauge out its eyes, making it let her loose. Like major spoilers that will spoil the end of the movie. 47 Meters Down: Uruguay (original subtitled version) A 47 metros: Vietnam: Hung Thần Đại Dương: World-wide (English title) (complete title) Johannes Roberts' 47 Meters Down (alternative title) In the Deep: See also. … Waking up from her fantasy, Lisa realizes that she is still under water, hurt and her sister has been eaten by the sharks. Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. She is hesitant about diving. Er wagte erste Ausflüge in Angstfach mit dem TV-Trasher … You can follow her on Twitter. Alone at the bottom of the ocean, her brain gave her a hopeful hallucination to help her survive. Kristy Puchko is the managing editor of Pajiba. The idea of Lisa playing the hero yet she is an amateur in scuba diving sounds like a borrowed idea from instances of landing planes with video game knowledge. The cage breaks. This moment contradicts the make belief slow and gullible character that is created at the beginning. Kate’s death looks like switching off a torch. Due to the increased volumes of orders being received and the social distancing measures that our warehouse teams are following, there may be a slight delay with dispatching orders and we thank you for your patience. Daher " ... "1 Jenny877 Fragesteller 21.07.2020, 18:16. Kate (Holt) and Lisa (Moore)’s scuba tanks are critically low on air. The idea of 47 Meters Down ending using a fake ‘happily ever after’ effect is partially annoying and amusing at the same time. The fact that Kate is the younger sister and seems to be the one directing Lisa’s life, shouts some concerns. The back-up winch also busted, leaving their hopes battered, and Lisa’s right leg trapped under the freshly fallen cage. Dennoch wird gekämpft, schließlich fördert der Überlebenswillen manche Raffinesse zutage, die natürlich am Ende mit der Freiheit belohnt wird. Watch 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Full 2019 Movie Video HD by 47 Meters Down Uncaged `2019` on dailymotion. Directed by Johannes Roberts. This happens through the dire consequences of human beings wanting to gratify their egoistic needs. Der Unterwasser-Käfig-Horror „47 Meters Down“ läuft heute Abend auf Vox. They’re running out of oxygen. On the other hand, the audience that loves watching horror to just get scared and move on with life, most would likely get lost at that point. 47 Meters Down Uncaged `2019` 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Full 2019 Movie Video HD. Apparently the owner of the idea that develops the movie. To prove that she is not boring, Kate helps Lisa to live through her break up. The rescuers’ delay that always exists even in real life doesn’t help in easing the anxiety. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged follows the diving adventure of four teenage girls (Corinne Foxx, Sistine Stallone, Sophie Nélisse, and Brianne Tju) exploring a submerged Mayan City. In horror, trying to make the unreal as real as possible to achieve the nerve edging result is really important. Being known for her presence in major hits like Tangled and This is Us, probably led to the audience hoping for her being the protagonist. Her rush of relief is short-lived. But as she sighs with relief and joy, something strange happens. Everyone with heightened tension hopes for relief but with hardcore horror audiences existing, hope should not be given. She also fights off the sharks using the blares twice. In 47 Meters Down (now on Netflix), Mandy Moore and Claire Holt star as vacationing sisters whose shark-watching day-trip turns into a living nightmare.Once the winch break, they are plummeted to the gulf’s bottom, trapped in a cage, running out of air, and surrounded by sharks. Was it a form of premonition or a foreshadow of what was about to happen? Released this past weekend, director Johannes Roberts’ 47 Meters Down brought a truly nightmarish premise to the big screen. Log in. The thriller audience derives satisfaction from extremely scary and nerve raking scenes and happenings that go beyond the consolation of camera tricks and video editing. The combination of Steven Spielberg's direction, John Williams' memorable score, the lead performances, and the editing make it one of the scariest films ever made. Heute Abend ab 21.55 Uhr läuft der Hai-Horror „47 Meters Down“ auf RTL – und damit zum ersten Mal im Free-TV. The supposed hero, Lisa, is trapped under the cage so Kate has to jump into action. Required fields are marked *. Edit page. Der Vergleichssieger sollte den 47 meters down ending explained Vergleich beherrschen. And Lisa’s memory of Kate preserves her in those final minutes before help arrives. In 47 Meters Down (now on Netflix), Mandy Moore and Claire Holt star as vacationing sisters whose shark-watching day-trip turns into a living nightmare. Stolze Papas bei der "47 Meters Down: Uncaged"-Premiere: Jamie und Corinne Foxx mit Sistine und Sylvester Stallone. Ze worden door twee lokale mannen uitgenodigd om mee te gaan, om op zee in een ijzeren kooi naar witte haaien te kijken. Against all odds, the sisters make it to the surface, but before reaching the boat, Lisa’s right leg is grabbed by a shark. Sign up. In the 89 minutes that the movie run, the desires of characters to stay alive are very minimal. Kate is gone, dead or at least out of radio range. Together, they must swim to the surface in shark-infested open water for more than 150 feet. Which makes sense, as she’s trying desperately to keep her big sister from a breakdown. A twist of events that rudely takes the audience back to the fear and dreadfulness that they had taken a break from, creative. This triggers Lisa to struggle through letting herself free after hurting her hand. Taking it upon herself to help her elder sister, Kate drives Lisa’s life in an attempt to make her feel better. In the nick of time, Lisa hooks up the new tank, and for an unknown period sits, slowly breathing in the fresh tank’s air. Once the winch break, they are plummeted to the gulf’s bottom, trapped in a cage, running out of air, and surrounded by sharks. Using the lesson in BCD (buoyancy compensation device) that Kate taught her earlier, Lisa uses the device to lift the cage just enough to wriggle her leg free. It is normal for anyone to be afraid of doing something dangerous and it was expected that the girls would at least back down or think twice. Der Film handelt von vier Teenagern, die in Unterwasserhöhlen tauchen und dort gefräßigen Haien begegnen. Lisa is determined to rescue her. However, the expectations of the majority were probably not met. The subtler clue is that this movie that doggedly strived for a chilling authenticity in its action and staging abruptly turns to the outlandish plan to out-swim sharks and chase off a feeding frenzy with a single flare. She celebrates the victory and heroism for just a moment. So if you haven’t seen it, check it out on Netflix first. Trying to explain the ending of 47 meters down, directs thoughts to the theatre of subtle tragedy. [3] In North America, 47 Meters Down was released alongside All Eyez on Me , Rough Night and Cars 3 , and was initially projected to gross around $5 million from 2,300 theatres in its opening weekend. In her mind, the captain fails to bring timely help and by the time they reach the surface, Kate totally passes out and Lisa has fought off sharks more than once. The first one is a fake-out, as Mandy Moore’s character hallucinates that she and her sister have been rescued. 12 Userkritiken zum Film 47 Meters Down von Johannes Roberts mit Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine - When will my order arrive? There has to be a satisfying reason for causing chilling deaths, nightmares, gothic scenes, and blood cuddling events. 3 Kommentare 3. She is the character that the audience is likely to associate with. We never see Kate warn Lisa about nitrogen narcosis. The film introduces its conflict in a less catalyzed scenario. She manages to get a hinge and the two are almost saved. Your email address will not be published. Without her to rely on, Lisa realizes she has to figure out how to retrieve to the dropped tank, or else suffocate before the Coast Guard arrives. Ich hätte es nicht anders haben wollen, es war das einzig richtige Ende! But at least for a moment, Lisa got the happy ending we wished for her and her sister. 47 Meters Down, im Original auch In the Deep, ist ein britischer Tierhorrorfilm aus dem Jahr 2016. Die Rendite stimmt also - und "47 Meters Down" macht so deutlich, dass ein Kassenknüller nicht immer Hunderte und Aberhunderte Millionen Dollar kosten muss. But in a way, it was Kate’s final rescue attempt, as the hallucination folds in Kate’s mentioned three flares, her bends warning, and the BCD lesson from earlier. If the items are in stock, we’ll aim to dispatch them within 24 hours of your order being placed. It’s an absolutely terrifying proposition, but the formerly scared senseless Lisa turns action-star hero, one arm around her wounded sister’s waist, the other wielding a flare to keep the sharks at bay. Buy a Pajiba T-Shirt at the Pajiba Store, precisely steps through the resilient pair’s quest to survive. Lisa surprises the audience by trying to get ahead of the situation to save her little sister and herself. Out of sight of the cage, Kate radios Lisa, telling her she’s got three flares and the tanks. Obviously. The death of Javier is shown no intense need to survive. Because Lisa’s leg is pinned under the cage, Kate must be the one to venture out and retrieve the tanks. Verhaal. When it comes to horror movies featuring sharks, Jaws is still the one to beat. But the thought that the other two men had gone in safely and came out safe, reduces the anxiety. Lisa’s desperation to prove a point maybe to herself or the world that she is not boring directs the cause of action through the movie and affects the ending as well. This might have been done on purpose by the writers or they might have just missed out the way of heightening the horror adventure. Just as flimsy as the reason to risks their lives was, so is how she loses her sister and the chance to even show that she is not boring. It would have been a pure tragedy if the hallucination had been scraped off. In the reality of 47 Meters Down’s ending, Kate is shark bait. The writer might have wanted to achieve a number of things one of them being the dramatic suspense. The reason behind a horror needs a justification. During a shark dive, two sisters find themselves trapped in a cage at the bottom of the ocean. Kate says she’s wounded and surrounded by sharks. From there, she uses the radio and flashlight to locate Kate. To some extent, the height of tension goes grows as the cage goes deeper. [10] The sharks the caging and the blood in the trailers created curiosity in the horror lovers. Aboard the run-down boat she’s reunited with Kate. 47 Meters Down Kritik: 134 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-Kommentare zu 47 Meters Down With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to survive. And all they need to do is wait for the Coast Guard. None of the cast from the previous film returns here. The bottom line is always the need to stay alive. With her tank nearly empty, she connects to the second with seconds to spare. At this point, the movie starts rolling towards the end. Even if the heroism is only a hallucination, it sends the message of moving her from the antagonistic position that she deserves to be into a protagonist position. In most cases, horror movies are developed on real psychological foundations driving the story, revenge missions, treasure hunts, greed, and obsession, among other bases.