After spotting rally cars from several miles away, "Who Am I?" It is also Chan's second film to be scripted and shot in English, the first one being Mr. Nice Guy. He has hit the big time since being "discovered" by Hollywood in the mid-90s and films such as Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, The Tuxedo and The Medallion have made him an American household name. Cuts include a scene in which he asks the tribal boy, Baba, how many days it takes to walk to civilization; a scene where he and Baba run away from a lioness after he picks up a lion cub; a scene showing the tribe's farewell ceremony for "Who Am I? Dramamu – Who Am I? meets Christine Stark, a journalist sent to interview him about his rally adventure. time to sneak in and steal the disc containing the compound information. Secret agent Jackie (Chan) leads a commando group to Africa to kidnap scientists who are working to unleash a powerful -- and lethal -- new energy source. is Jackie Chan's identity crisis on a global disaster scale. Morgan also pretends to be his ally, telling him to contact him if he is in danger. "'s full interaction with the African tribe. Een deel van de film is opgenomen in de Nederlandse stad Rotterdam. Jackie Chan Adventures is a successful American animated television series chronicling the adventures of a fictionalized version of action film star Jackie Chan. Several memorable stunts in the Evolution IV were featured, including a spin parking manoeuvre, market chase, and flipping the car onto its side and roof. Jackie wakes up in a tribal village somewhere in the African veldt, still recovering from injuries sustained in an accident he cannot remember; as a result, when asked for his name by the natives, he responds by asking himself, "Who Am I? Waking up in a village of local natives, Chan has no memory of … This takes away the "big reveal" effect of what actually happened with Jackie and his men, taking away the mystery. Jackie Chan being chased through Hong Kong by the police and 2 black BMW's Spare a thought for Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan as they desperately throw their arthritic limbs around in action films, pretending to be athletic young men. While waiting for the online transaction to finish, the three men leave the conference room for a coffee break - giving "Who Am I?" … Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Jackie Chan stars as a lethally trained commando with amnesia in the hilariously inventive comic caper Who Am I? escaped by sliding to the ground). Who Am I? The film features several landmarks such as Sun City in South Africa, Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, the Beurstraverse (which was portrayed by the film makers as being in Johannesburg), the Cube houses and the Willemswerf building (which served as the headquarters of the villains and from the side of which, "Who Am I?" 我是誰? After installing your will benefit from our VIP features. Unlike the original HK version of the film, the scene where Jackie Chan and his unit are double-crossed in the helicopter is shown immediately after the helicopters take off. was shot on locations in Namibia, South Africa, and Netherlands between February and March 1997. Find movie and film cast and crew information for Who am I? Secret agent Jackie (Chan) leads a commando group to Africa to kidnap scientists who are working to unleash a powerful -- and lethal -- new energy source. In the making-of documentary, the team outlined the numerous Lancer Evolutions that were used for the entire sequence due to the harsh physical challenges presented by the stunts. Liste de 67 films par Palplathune. All subtitles for this movie in this language, Jackie.Chan's.Who.Am.I[1998]DvDRip-x264-AAC[Eng]-MKVGuy, {"v":1,"adata":"","ks":256,"ct":"SMghmbMlDPMAeDT6pk6lLc/oDmd3du/9pivVLqV5fgHz0OPikDN+KEXut30CZtXvoCXzA0+CnOCb0eftQSUieb8QsN8wx69lyBo5r92uWm/AYcsE1R70h9aUSviLs3KRKTRK+OCFO2xS8dt52jrerRqSoQbtAZwWx01kVC3yk8uAmALdPMk7p/zq5Tc1C6kc8Fj1f91eQOUMqSXagrpFL6C4RzpT9Pk4/6xRExnzYfqbXtQFjC7S1rvk2kZPfK2OY6H0sOIeHX8iKBXVW8sIeuugaPwy7ez5tsEWc3/2xMS3J0UeSa6qTm2+LwGmBjtN8iz3wnMMgHcMxI+yZDBlb7yHbT3wc1zFqoO3wmrUX+aCir2VxdYRY63y0iF6yXs0kh7HKiUVOTVtVo16S/X9qjoHmL+U52SpBJ4jt0GdHETNF+RpoBu+F2RqcGDDYga4N/p31EM3kLeUmtCJQrcbBXSxTkR0Tgs43kD/DkW8t7mxZCP9YwqzD7NyWFYqztrf2brheBlQztcucaFLqwONucBQwNzxO6qGNTQ5P65ZZ6zDznwSnc0LXR5X3I8mavK4agDPt34H89oCy5NFiJt1CQePWm7znMPN0mEicVjNGgQx/UebMi66nm14edLRHQCpJ3LnyazspZZkQytITxmh1nY+U4Optoy1jujmbCXYRb7n/bgQoJK305mmvqi8jqEPbKjNgE2ddebp2xu7sU4i6SXoKBQnGDUFTfiwPKXoWhYKYrlOnneYncFZfhC9i1G/kBvwTWsXDUQpLYFRNg==","ts":96,"mode":"gcm","cipher":"aes","iter":100000,"iv":"gpTmKPUKMfa+xj5k","salt":"pyeabx+6jWE="}. is Jackie Chan's identity crisis on a global disaster scale. Today he is the 5th highest-earning actor in the list of world’s highest actors earning around $49 million. (1998) Megastar seni bela diri Jackie Chan menulis, menyutradarai dan membintangi film komedi-aksi ini. Adventurer Archaeologist Jackie Chan considers himself a normal, boring guy who lives with his Uncle at an antique shop in San Francisco and is frequently sent on expeditions for the local university. Jackie Chan lyrics 1. "'s journey; and a scene in which he performs an interpretation of the tribal dance. However, his English dialogue during this interaction is dubbed into Cantonese during this part. Once Christine kicks Morgan and takes him into custody, "Who Am I?" WHO AM I? However, Morgan hears of "Who Am I?" WHO AM I? and Christine drive through a fruit stand, and where "Who Am I?" "'s interaction with the African tribe has been reduced dramatically. Who Am I? Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution Qui suis-je ? (Who Am I? recovers feeling in his mouth (as he chewed herbal leaves into an anesthetic to cure Yuki's brother's snake bite) and explains his situation to Yuki has been cut. Your movie. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in Hong Kong English, Articles needing additional references from May 2018, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mike Ian Lambert as Peter (Morgan's hitman), Nomination: Best Film Editing (Peter Cheung, Chi Wai Yau), Nomination: Best Picture (Barbie Tung) (executive producer). Your language. Original title: Jackie Chan's Who Am I? Who Am I? Click the "Accept and +Add" button to download OpenSub search Chrome Extension. Somewhere in the jungles of South Africa, a multinational military unit, Special Force Unit, ambushes a convoy and kidnaps several scientists working on a highly-volatile compound extracted from a recently discovered meteorite. Download Film Jackie Chan Who Am I Full 11 film jackie chan, film jackie chan terbaru, film jackie chan 2020, film jackie chan terbaik, film jackie chan sub indo, film jackie chan terbaru 2020, film jackie chan 2019, film The U.S. DVD release is cut by 9 minutes with the following changes and omissions: Unlike other domestic releases of Jackie Chan's films, this version of Who Am I? "Who Am I? and sends a hitman team to kill him. Jackie Chan Lyrics: She say she's too young, don't want no man / So she gon' call her friends, now that's a plan / I just ordered sushi from Japan / Now your bitch wanna kick it, Jackie Chan / Drop Sing si lip yan 5. Parts of it such as when Jackie is trying to help a man cure a snake bite and he chews up a plant that makes his mouth numb, are funny. is a 1998 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Benny Chan and Jackie Chan, who also starred in the lead role is almost perfect! Thunderbolt song 2. Who am I Jackie Chan Son.. 3. ; Ngo si seoi) est un film hongkongais réalisé par Benny Chan et Jackie Chan, sorti en 1998. A nameless superagent, he's konked on the head while retrieving a piece of rock (this being a Jackie Chan movie, the konking is that which occurs between a helicopter and a large tree; and the rock is the kind of super-evil rock that blows up cities when it's shaken), causing Jackie to lose his memory. You will now benefit from all the site features ! Find the right subtitles. is a 1998 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Benny Chan and Jackie Chan, who also starred in the lead role. a silent drama directed by Henry Kolker Who Am I?, a Hong Kong film starring Jackie Chan Who Am I?, a Cambodian film Who Am I, or Who Am I – No System is Safe, a 2014 German film This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Who Am I?. Once he discovers Morgan's betrayal, "Who Am I?" During its run, it was also shown on Cartoon … "Jackie Chan's Who Am I?" The best GIFs are on GIPHY. He also cancels the transaction and sends the money to a children's charity, which infuriates the arms dealer. De film ging in 1998 in première. PLEASE READ THE Terms and Conditions ("TERMS") CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS Extension. Jackie Chan has performed a few death-defying stunts in several of his films. Dutch city Dordrecht was also used as a location on the Voorstraat, de Vleeshouwersstraat as well as the fountains by Hans Petri in front of the former Refaja hospital. In all of his movies, even those filmed when he was a young man, Jackie was usually a … throws the disc off the bridge and tells Christine he will return to Africa. De hoofdrol werd ook gespeeld door Chan. discovers that Christine is actually an undercover CIA agent who tapped his calls. Film Who Am I?. When Jackie develops amnesia after a plane crash, he fights to regain his memory and continue his assignment. This DVD version of Jackie Chan's "Who am I?" Jackie Chan (成龙 Cheng Long), born Chan Kong-Sang (陈港生) in Hong Kong on April 7, 1954, is, quite simply, Made of Awesome. This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 00:31. Classement qualitatif des films où l'ancienne petite fortune apparaît en vedette. Who Am I? The picture and audio are very good, and nothing is dubbed (some dialog, of course, was overdubbed in the original release, but that was done on purpose due to The uncut HK releases have dubbed it in Cantonese. Jackie Chan is a talented archaeologist and skilled martial artist who lives in San Francisco with his older relative, "Uncle".His quiet life of exploring ancient temples and dusty tombs is disrupted one day when he is recruited as an agent by Captain Black of Section 13 to stop the Dark Hand from acquiring the twelve Talismans.But not before his first cousin once removed (called his … This DVD version of Jackie Chan's "Who am I?" Jackie Chan, a top secret militant soldier, crashes into the South African jungle after his mission of kidnapping three scientists (who were experimenting with a powerful mineral) has gone awry. (traditional Chinese: 我是誰; simplified Chinese: 我是谁, also known as Jackie Chan's Who Am I?) bids the village farewell and ventures on a journey back to civilization. Jackie Chan Lam Yu Han 7. 『I AM JACKIE CHAN 僕はジャッキー・チェン 初めて語られる香港帝王の素顔』(ジェフ・ヤン共著、西間木洋子訳、近代映画社、1999年) 『永遠の少年 ジャッキー・チェン自伝 』( 朱墨 共著、 鄭重 訳、 ダイヤモンド社 、2016年) Jackie Chan Net Worth. Jackie.Chan's.Who.Am.I[1998]DvDRip-x264-AAC[Eng] OpenSub search will replace your default search engine by our sponsored search. Who Am I? (1999)我是誰製作国:香港/上映時間:120分監 督: ジャッキー・チェン ベニー・チャン脚 本: ジャッキー・チェン 他キャストジャ… 組織の裏切りにより、移動中の飛行機ごと始末される。(この時にケイン・コスギがちょい役で出演している。 The Hong Kong Universe Laser DVD (now out of print) contains the film as it was originally intended. At the same time, the CIA assigns another operative in South Africa for a more covert operation. (1998) Banyak film sub indo yang bisa muncul di bioskop terkenal dan masuk ke dalam film box office dan menjadi film yang bisa menyedot animo masyarakat untuk menonton film ini, sehingga bisa membuat film ini menjadi film terlaris dan bisa membuat Anda selalu ingin menonton film ini secara terus menerus. This series ran on Kids' WB from September 9, 2000 to July 8, 2005 for a total of 95 episodes, or 5 seasons. ", and is referred to as that by the natives. Amazonでチェン, ジャッキー, ヤン, ジェフ, Chan, Jackie, Yang, Jeff, 洋子, 西間木のI AM JACKIE CHAN―僕はジャッキー・チェン 初めて語られる香港帝王の素顔。アマゾンならポイント還元本が多数。チェン, ジャッキー, ヤン, ジェフ, Chan Jackie Chan: Who Am I Showing all 35 items Jump to: Photos (26) Quotes (9) Photos 3 more photos Quotes Morgan's hitman : You've got two s Hitman : Or number two , we take the disk and throw you off. and Christine bid Yuki farewell and head for Rotterdam to find more answers to his identity. 15 Best Jackie Chan Films, Ranked From Rush Hour to Rumble In The Bronx, these are the quintessential Jackie Chan movies for anyone to watch. After escaping from the hitmen, Christine cracks a secret code written on a matchbook found on one of the dead operatives, which leads them to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Who am I? A scene where "Who Am I?" (1998) - Jackie Chan on AllMovie By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies. Despite sporting an epic cinematic resume, martial arts star Jackie Chan does have a few duds on his record. Martial-arts megastar Jackie Chan wrote, directed and stars in this action-comedy. The two-disc anamorphic edition contains both versions of the film, with English subtitles for the US cut. Search, discover and share your favorite Jackie Chan GIFs. Who Am I is packed with excitement and, of course, Jackie's unique brand of gymnastic martial arts. 監督 ジャッキー・チェン ベニー・チャン 脚本 ジャッキー・チェン スーザン・チャン リー・レイノルズ 製作 バービー・タン 製作総指揮 レナード・ホー 出演者 ジャッキー・チェン ミシェル・フェレ 山本未來 In Rotterdam, "Who Am I?" Who Am I? (traditional Chinese: 我是誰; simplified Chinese: 我是谁, also known as Jackie Chan's Who Am I?) When they reach Johannesburg, "Who Am I?" Avec Combats de maître, etc. As of January 2021, Jackie Chan net worth is at $520 million. A nameless superagent, he's konked on the head while retrieving a piece of rock (this being a Jackie Chan movie, the konking is that which occurs between a helicopter and a large tree; and the rock is the kind of super-evil rock that blows up cities when it's shaken), causing Jackie to lose his memory. The film also features an elaborate chase scene involving the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR and a pack of chasing BMW 3 series (E36), in which Jackie, Yuki, and Christine (in the Evolution) attempt to escape from their captors. All but two instant replay shots (where Yuki, "Who Am I?" Here are the 6 best and 6 worst Jackie Chan movies. He befriends Japanese rally co-driver Yuki after saving her brother from a snake bite and offering to help them finish the race. is een Hongkongse film, geregisseerd door Jackie Chan. Also, the U.S. release is the only cut which contains Jackie Chan's original spoken English during his time with the African tribe. Photo: Handout Photo: Handout After Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan became Hong Kong’s most famous film … Jackie Chan (Chan Long in Chinese, surname is first in China, Russia, and other countries) is below average height even for a Chinese male, which I believe is 5-7. The picture and audio are very good, and nothing is dubbed (some dialog, of course, was overdubbed in the original release, but that was done on purpose due to It also contains "Who Am I? narrowly misses falling furniture in Rotterdam) have been deleted. The "double-cross" scene is not shown until during the interrogation scene as a "revelation flashback." The use of the Evolution IV was consistent with the ongoing presence and sponsorship of Mitsubishi in Jackie Chan's films of that era. The film was released in Hong Kong on 17 January 1998. Warner Bros. Japan has released two DVD editions of the film: the single-disc DVD contains the original Hong Kong cut of the film with an anamorphic presentation, but with no English subtitles, and it retains the Cantonese dub of Jackie Chan during the African tribe scenes. Other parts of the movie grossed HK $38,852,845 in its Hong Kong theatrical run. VANGUARD movie trailer HD (2020)- Jackie Chan - Plot synopsis: Covert security company Vanguard is the last hope of survival for an accountant after he is targeted by the world's deadliest mercenary organization.Director: Stanley TongWriters: Stanley Tong, Tiffany Alycia TongStars: Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Miya Muqi Jackie Chan Who Am I Michelle Ferre Christine Stark Mirai Yamamoto Yuki Ron Smerczak Morgan Ed Nelson General Sherman Daha Fazlası için tıklayınız. Jackie Chan wrote, directed and stars in this English-language action-comedy tale of about a commando group that travels to South Africa to kidnap scientists working on … It is revealed that Morgan and General Sherman are about to sell the extraterrestrial compound to a powerful arms dealer named Armano. This changes in the first episode where Jackie retrieved a magic talisman that holds unique and special powers. For more information, please read our cookie policy.CLOSE [X] Not knowing whom to trust, he battles Sherman's hitmen and sneaks into the Willemswerf skyscraper alone, where he discovers the masterminds behind the kidnapping of the scientists. After escaping from the building from a battle with Morgan's hitmen, "Who Am I?" Jackie Chan já participou de mais de 100 filmes ao longo de sua carreira, tendo nos primeiros 20 filmes papéis secundários como coadjuvante, figurante e dublê. Believe In Yourself 4. It is meant to be a mystery as to what happened until the viewer sees these flashbacks. Sinopsis Who Am I? Vanguard review: Jackie Chan plays the hits James Luxford James is one of City A.M.'s film critics and a regular on both TV and radio discussing the latest movie releases It is currently rated at 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.[2]. Jackie Chan [n 1], né Chan Kong-Sang [n 2] le 7 avril 1954 à Hong Kong [1], est un acteur, chanteur, cascadeur, scénariste, réalisateur et producteur chinois.. Il est spécialiste en arts martiaux et est reconnu mondialement dans ses films d'action.Dans ses films, il est connu pour son style de combat , son sens de l'humour et ses cascades sensationnelles. The tribesmen show him the remains of a crashed helicopter and graves of those who perished aboard. Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi was 38 when she filmed period drama Monarch Industry, playing a character from the age of 15 into middle age. The presentation is not anamorphic, however. Hiervoor lag een gedeelte van de stad stil ten tijde van de opnamen. He spends weeks recuperating from his wounds and learning about the tribe's culture. Many of the episodes contain references to Chan's actual works. Who Am I? is a great Jackie Chan action movie. Congratulations ! jackie chan # tiesto # jackie chan tiesto # tiesto jackie chan # tiësto post malone # kick # karate # conan obrien # martial arts # kicking retains the film's original musical score. By clicking the button and adding OpenSub search Chrome Extension, I accept and agree to abide by the. There are English subtitles provided for the whole film. tries to kill Morgan, but is interrupted by Morgan's hitmen. After being attacked by minions of The Dark Hand criminal organization, Jackie … regroups with Christine, who calls for the execution of a "Plan B", to surround the Erasmus Bridge and corner Morgan in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. Martial-arts megastar Jackie Chan wrote, directed and stars in this action-comedy. The CIA assigns Morgan to investigate the incident, unaware that he and newly retired General Sherman orchestrated the abduction for their personal profit. A partir da década de 1980, como personagem principal em quase todos os filmes que participou.. Chan criou sua imagem nas telas como uma resposta a Bruce Lee, e os diversos imitadores que apareceram antes e … "Who Am I?" is almost perfect! Among the operatives is a Hong Kong national identified as "Jackie Chan". Jackie Chan Wong Fei Hun.. 6. Jackie Chan’s net worth figures have largely been boosted by his roles in films, either acting directing or producing.

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