Plummer won great acclaim with audiences for his performance as Captain Georg von Trapp in the musical film The Sound of Music (1965) alongside Julie Andrews. Seit der Mitte des 15. Plummer remains widely known for his portrayal of Captain Von Trapp due to the box office success and continued popularity of The Sound of Music (1965), a role which he once described as "so awful and sentimental and gooey". Zu Beginn des Ersten … [10][11] He learned the basics of acting as an apprentice with the Montréal Repertory Theatre, where fellow Montrealer William Shatner also played. [13], In 1946, he caught the attention of Montreal Gazette's theatre critic Herbert Whittaker with his performance as Mr Darcy in the Montreal High School production of Pride and Prejudice. Plummer continued acting in films including the science fiction film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), Spike Lee's biographical drama Malcolm X (1992), Mike Nichol's drama Wolf (1994), Taylor Hackford's psychological drama Dolores Claiborne (1995), and Terry Gilliam's science fiction drama 12 Monkeys (1995), One of Plummer's most critically acclaimed roles was that of television journalist Mike Wallace in Michael Mann's biographical film The Insider (1999), for which he was honoured with several critics' awards for Best Supporting Actor, though a corresponding Academy Award nomination did not materialize.[36]. Plummer was next married to journalist Patricia Lewis from May 4, 1962, until their divorce in 1967. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As shown in the movie, the von Trapp family was headed by former naval captain. Unlike the movie, he married the Maria … Plummer appeared in the five-time Emmy Award-winning television series The Thorn Birds (1983) alongside Barbara Stanwyck, and Jean Simmons. He is a great-grandson of John Abbott, who was Canada's third Prime Minister (from 1891 to 1892), and a... See full bio » [30] (In the 1969 film adaptation, Plummer would take the title role.). He is also the bitter nemesis of Captain Georg Von Trapp (one of the protagonists). Colour: Bay. The Pyx (1973) was his first Canadian film. In 2009, Plummer gave a voice performance for Pixar's animated film, Up where he played the antagonistic Charles Muntz, that same year he also lent his voice in Tim Burton-produced action/science fiction film 9 playing elder leader 1. Owner: Phoenix Thoroughbred Ltd III. Captain von Trapp commanded U-14 from October 1915 until May 1918, when he was given command of an Austrian submarine base. [20][22], In April 1961, he appeared as Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing with the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Von Trapp talks about his experiences as a sub captain, and became the most successful sub commander in the Austrian-Hungary Navy in WW1. After his first wife died, he was left widowed with seven kids. All scenes that had included Spacey were re-shot with Plummer. In November 2017, Plummer, who was director Ridley Scott's original choice to play J. Paul Getty in All the Money in the World,[47] was cast to replace Kevin Spacey in the then-already completed film. The Story Behind the Story In the early 1940s, the von Trapp family toured the United States as the Trapp Family Singers before eventually settling in Stowe, Vermont on an enchanted farm with sweeping mountain vistas reminiscent of their beloved Austria. The oldest von Trapp daughter, Agathe, later penned that the Princess was not only a Vienesse countess, but actually a cousin of Georg’s first wife! They are disciplined with military precision, primarily because he does not know how to cope with … In 1964, his performance of the Gloomy Dane in the BBC production Hamlet at Elsinore garnered his second Emmy nomination. Captain von Trapp A military man, and veteran of the Austrian navy, Captain von Trapp has taken to raising his children in the same way that he captained his men. Georg & Agathe's Children, 1921. On November 26, 1927, Maria and Georg were married. Fünf Pferde mussten sich durch einen 1,30 Meter tiefen See und über neun Hindernisse kämpfen, nur drei kamen ins Ziel. In 2000, Plummer starred as Sir David Maxwell Fyfe in the Primetime Emmy Award-winning Nuremberg (2000) starring Alec Baldwin, Brian Cox and Max Von Sydow. In a bittersweet moment, at the very last, SM U-14 entered the Bocche (harbor), flag waving, one last time. He also co-starred with Gregory Peck in The Scarlet and the Black. His turn as John Barrymore brought him his second Tony Award (this time as Best Actor in Play) and a Drama Desk Award as Outstanding Actor in a Play. In the 1980s, he appeared on Broadway in two Shakespearean tragedies, Othello, playing Iago to James Earl Jones' Moor, and the title role in Macbeth with Glenda Jackson playing his lady. I’m turning into Captain von Trapp! Earlier that year, Plummer received his second nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Mike Mills' independent comedy drama film Beginners (2011) starring Ewan McGregor, and Mélanie Laurent. He appeared with Jason Robards in the 1994 revival of Harold Pinter's No Man's Land and had great success in 1997 in Barrymore, which he also toured with after a successful Broadway run. Maria Augusta von Trapp (* 26. Like Captain von Trapp, I cried. Kindheit. 05.12.2013 - Hochwertige Trachten f r Damen und Herren von traditionellen Herstellern. Plummer's win made him, at age 82, the oldest actor to win an Academy Award. That same year, Plummer played the lead in Nicholas Ray's film Wind Across the Everglades (1958). [19] His American television debut was also in 1953 on a Studio One episode entitled "The Gathering Night", as an artist who finds success just as his eyesight begins to fail him. The relationship between the Captain and the Princess took place over the course of several years, during which Georg had asked Yvonne to consider marriage on several occasions. From June 1971 to January 1972, he appeared at the National Theatre, acting in repertory for the season. He started out as the mayor of the Austrian city of Salzburg, but later became the new Gauleiter of Austria following the Anschuluss (Austria's annexation into Nazi Germany in 1938). The von Trapp family from ... Hedwig was born in 1917 and she sang with the family until Captain von Trapp died in 1947 and the act was disbanded. You see, I’ve become completely obsessed with getting Ella on a schedule. Elizabeth Howell. One was so loud and piercing that using it indoors (admittedly, not it's original intention) was impossible. It’s my solemn duty and honor to join you all in voting this hateful, would-be dictator and all his enablers out of office on November 3rd. Ensemble. Maria von Trapp’s biological children were: Rosmarie (born in 1929), Eleonore (born in 1931), and Johannes (born in 1939). However, she allowed for the characters depicting her and Georg to keep their names. He wanted to embark on a navy career as well and attended the Royal Naval Academy in Fiume (now Rijeka). TriStar Pictures intended to meet that release date in spite of the tight re-shooting and editing schedule; it was eventually pushed back to December 25. I cried for my son who is growing up in these dark times. Maria: I know you don't, but you've got to! I wound up buying three of these whistles (I played Captain von Trapp in a local version of Sound of Music...'nuff said). Harvard Crimson. With a 21 cannon salute, the 140-year-old Austrian Imperial Navy ended. Captain von Trapp: [hesitatingly] You will not say one word about Liesl, Fraulein. He returned to the American Shakespeare Festival in 1981 to play the title role in Henry V.[20]. He appeared in the title role in a 1963 production of Bertolt Brecht's The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, which did not succeed, but he had a great success in Peter Shaffer's The Royal Hunt of the Sun, playing conquistador Francisco Pizarro to David Carradine's Atahuallpa; both performances were "stunning," as Plummer did wonders "of extraordinary beauty and deep pain" in playing his complex character. The 22- room building itself, with its mansard roof and slightly yellow colour, makes an elegant impression. Between Captain Georg von Trapp & Agathe Gobertina Whitehead, parents to the first seven von Trapp children, set against the backdrop of the Adriatic Coast. CodyCross is an addictive game developed by Fanatee. Plummer has been married three times. Set in 1938, The Sound of Music tells the story of Maria Rainer, a free-spirited nun who is hired by Captain George Von Trapp to care for his seven children. Retrieved August 12, 2019. Emily Virzi started working at the von Trapp Farmstead in April of 2016. Die braunhaarige und braunäugige Agathe, benannt nach ihrer Mutter, erblickte am 12. He received an Emmy Award nomination for his performance in Our Fathers and reunited with Julie Andrews for a television production of On Golden Pond. Trapp war zu dieser Zeit Kapitän bei der österreich-ungarischen Marine. A … Captain von Trapp: I said I don't want to hear anymore from you about my children! The play toured several cities, with Plummer serving as Power's understudy. In "The Sound of Music," Maria befriends the seven von Trapp children through song, but Hollywood took some creative liberties with their characters. Captain Von Trapp & Maria. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer share their first dance together as Maria and Captain von Trapp in the 1965 film version of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. However, as he mentions in his autobiography, Plummer was unable to have much contact with his daughter during her early and teenage years, because her mother was adamant about blocking access. [41] Speaking to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in an interview that aired on March 7, 2010,[42] Plummer added, tongue-in-cheek, "Well, I said it's about time! The plays he appeared in were Jean Giraudoux's Amphitryon 38 directed by Laurence Olivier;[31] Georg Büchner's Danton's Death (director Jonathan Miller); Adrian Mitchell's Tyger; Luigi Pirandello's The Rules of the Game; and Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night at the New Theatre in London. Weight: 9-8. Plummer has received various accolades for his work, including an Academy Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a British Academy Film Award; he is one of the few performers to receive the Triple Crown of Acting, and the only Canadian. From May to June 1973, he appeared on Broadway as the title character in Cyrano, a musical adaptation of Edmond Rostand's 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac by Anthony Burgess and Michael J. Lewis. At the same time, Plummer was performing in the stage play The Royal Hunt of the Sun and his whole Dolittle participation was so brief that Plummer never missed a performance.[26]. A Jane Austen!Persuasion inspired AU. It chronicles the life of Maria von Trapp… [12] Although his mother and his father's family had ties with McGill University, he was never a McGill student. It was love at the first sight and their marriage a society event. Schauspieler Filmstars Julie Andrews My Fair Lady Nostalgie Musikfoto Trauzeugen Musicals Showgirls. In 2014, Plummer presented A Word or Two again, at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. According to the blog Edelweiss Patterns, the children’s identities were changed because the elder Maria von Trapp wanted to protect their privacy. "The Royal Hunt of the Sun." The Mother Abbess. Britney Spears Hasn’t Spoken to Her Dad Jamie in Months, He Says It’s Because of ‘Self-Serving Interests’, Colin Egglesfield Reveals the Depressing Reason ‘Pretty Woman’ Would Never Be Made Today and Why ‘Something Borrowed’ Won’t Get a Sequel (Exclusive), Jesy Nelson shares first picture since quitting Little Mix as she shows off abs, Kevin Durant Potentially ‘Wasn’t as Happy’ on the Warriors Because of LeBron James, ‘Little House on the Prairie’: When Melissa Gilbert Was on the Receiving End of Michael Landon’s ‘Terrifying’ Anger. Captain von Trapp: I said I don't want to hear anymore from you about my children! In 2011, he provided the voice of Arngeir, leader of the Greybeards, in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He, then, hired a governess named Maria, and Georg and Maria eventually married. He and Sir Neville Marriner rearranged Shakespeare's Henry V with Sir William Walton's music as a concert piece. The story that inspired the classic musical, The Sound of Music. (J.B. also won Tonys as Best Play and for Kazan's direction.) Maria Von Trapp was a nun at an Austrian convent who went from serving as a governess in the Von Trapp household to the wife of Captain Georg Von Trapp. [citation needed]Ritter is roughly the equivalent of a baronet in the U… They look like the real thing, but each one had a different sound. [2], Plummer was born on December 13, 1929, in Toronto, Ontario. Mit pers nlicher Beratung! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Plummer won great acclaim with audiences for his performance as Captain Georg von Trapp in the musical film The Sound of Music (1965) alongside Julie Andrews. Synopsis . But what he is aware of is the weight of his children on his shoulders. At the age of 89, he appeared in a leading role in Departure, a 2019 Canadian-British TV series by Global for NBC Universal about the disappearance of a trans-Atlantic flight. The names and genders of the kids in ‘The Sound of Music’ also got changed, The real von Trapp family in 1937 | Imagno/Getty Images, RELATED: ‘The Sound of Music’: 1 Actor Got Sick Filming the Famous Boat Tipping Scene. In 1963, he was the subject of a short National Film Board of Canada documentary, 30 Minutes, Mister Plummer, directed by Anne Claire Poirier. What became of the von Trapp kids in real life? [43], In 2011, he appeared in the feature-length documentary The Captains. "But it was a very well-made movie, and it's a family movie and we haven't seen a family movie, I don't think, on that scale for ages."[29]. He is the only child of Isabella Mary (Abbott), a secretary to the Dean of Sciences at McGill University, and John Orme Plummer, who sold securities and stocks. "Although we worked hard enough to make him interesting, it was a bit like flogging a dead horse. He made his London debut on June 11, 1961, playing King Henry II in Jean Anouilh's Becket with the RSC at the Aldwych Theatre, directed by Peter Hall. In 2009, Plummer said that he was "a bit bored with the character" of Captain von Trapp. His Iago brought him another Tony nomination. Plummer made his Broadway debut in January 1953 in The Starcross Story, a show that closed on opening night. [5], Plummer's parents divorced shortly after his birth, and he was brought up mainly by his mother in the Abbott family home in Senneville, Quebec, outside of Montreal. As shown in the movie, the von Trapp family was headed by former naval captain Georg von Trapp. [37] In 2004, Plummer appeared as a presenter in the CPAC documentary series The Prime Ministers. He was also pretty cool as Sherlock Holmes fighting Jack the Ripper in Murder by Decree (1979). Maria worked as a tutor to one von Trapp child, not a governess to them all. Born Georg Trapp in Zara, Croatia (then a part of the Austria-Hungary Empire), in 1894, he followed his father’s … He appeared as Jason opposite Dame Judith Anderson in Robinson Jeffers' adaptation of Medea at the Theatre Sara Bernhardt in Paris in 1955. When Plummer had fallen ill, Shatner took the stage, earning his first big break. This medal has been awarded to all people being awarded with a Companionship within the Order of Canada. In 2001, he received the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, Canada's highest honour in the performing arts. See more ideas about Sound of music movie, Sound of music, Christopher plummer. In 2016, Plummer received the Canadian Screen Award for Lifetime Achievement. While still a young navy captain, … [4][5] On his father's side, Plummer's great-uncle was patent lawyer and agent F. B. I cried for the people chanting because their hearts and minds have been so poisoned by a toxic ideology. In real life, they are Rupert, Agathe, Maria, Werner, Hedwig, Johanna, and Martina. Nachdem der letzte Vertreter der Herren von Matsch, Gaudenz († 1504), im Jahr 1487 in Ungnade gefallen war, wurde sein Besitz vom Landesherrn eingezogen. Required fields are marked *, ‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne Exposes Text Messages That Would Prove Tom Girardi Cheated. When he accepted the award, he quipped "You're only two years older than me, darling. [49][50] For his role, Plummer earned Golden Globe, BAFTA and Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor. Your email address will not be published. Captain Von Trapp horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos. [39] He was nominated for a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award for his 2004 King Lear and for a Tony playing Henry Drummond in the 2007 revival of Inherit the Wind. Age: 4 (6 Apr 2016) Official Rating: -Last Ran: 23 days ago. Actor Christopher Plummer, left, was cast as Baron Georg Johannes von Trapp, pictured right with his first wife, Baroness Agathe von Trapp. Captain Von Trapp horse rating and status. Where have you been all my life?".[45]. [58]. During that period, U-14 sank eleven cargo ships, including the Italian steamer Milazzo , which, displacing 20,000 tons, was one of the largest cargo ships in the world. However, the events in The Sound of Music happen within a shorter period of time, with on-screen Georg and Maria getting married as the Nazis take over Austria in the late 1930s. Georg Johannes Ritter von Trapp (4 April 1880 – 30 May 1947) was born in Zara, Kingdom of Dalmatia, then a Crown Land of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (present-day Zadar, Croatia). Ensemble. On Oscar night, March 7, 2010, however, he lost to Christoph Waltz. I mean, I'm 80 years old, for God's sake. Sister Berthe. [59] Their marriage lasted four years, and they had a daughter together, the actress Amanda Plummer (born 1957). Plummer made his Broadway debut in 1954, and continued to act in leading roles on stage playing Cyrano de Bergerac in Cyrano (1974), Iago in Othello, as well as playing the titular roles in Macbeth, King Lear, and Barrymore. [25], He was in Inside Daisy Clover (1965), then played World War Two agent Eddie Chapman in Triple Cross (1966) and had a support role as Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in The Night of the Generals (1967). He performed it and other works with the New York Philharmonic and symphony orchestras of London, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax. Plummer's film career began in 1958 when Sidney Lumet cast him as a young writer in Stage Struck. Captain von Trapp is the male lead of The Sound of Music, and as such, he has a lot of responsibility for the plot on his shoulders. Other successes include his roles as Dr. Rosen in Ron Howard's Academy Award-winning A Beautiful Mind (2001), Arthur Case in Spike Lee's film Inside Man (2006), and the philosopher Aristotle in Alexander, alongside Colin Farrell. Christopher Plummer as Captain von Trapp singing to his children in 'The Sound of Music.' Agathe von Trapp is the eldest daughter of Baron Georg von Trapp whose family achieved fame firstly as a celebrated singing group and subsequently as the subject of play and film `The Sound Of Music`. However, these adaptations often altered the portrayal of the Captain. Captain von Trapp: [hesitatingly] You will not say one word about Liesl, Fraulein. That same year he co-starred in American Tragedy as F. Lee Bailey (for which he received a Golden Globe Award nomination), and appeared in Four Minute Mile, Miracle Planet, and a documentary by Ric Burns about Eugene O'Neill. In the film, the seven kids are Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl. Plummer has also written for the stage, television and the concert-hall. And when I say obsessed, I’m talking typed out reports at the end of every day – obsessed. Soon after the family’s financial situation became precarious, Maria rented out rooms for guests. Now might be your last chance to see the Von Trapp family singers on stage. That same year, he appeared in the live television drama Little Moon of Alban with Julie Harris, for which he received his first Emmy Award nomination. Georg von Trapp, born in 1880, became a national hero as a captain in the Austrian navy during World War I. In film Plummer appeared in the romantic dramaSomewhere in Time (1980), the drama Eyewitness (1981), the comedy Dragnet (1987) and Shadow Dancing (1988). George Clooney's drama Syriana (2005), the romantic comedyMust Love Dogs (2005), Terrence Malick's historical drama The New World (2005), and the romantic dramaThe Lake House (2006). Diego Maradona laid to rest as fans line the streets of Buenos Aires, ‘The Wizard of Oz’: How Old Was Judy Garland When…, ‘The Wizard of Oz’: The Munchkins Joined the Cast to…, Judy Garland Had Only One Friend While Filming ‘The…, San Jose State football bowl projections: Where will…, Great Mall in Milpitas on lockdown after shooting, San Jose State headed to Arizona for New Year’s Eve…. Herr Zeller. Januar 1905 in Wien; 28. The Canadian actor, who won his first Academy Award aged 82, for Beginners (2010) sang his way into our hearts as the widowed patriach of the Von Trapp Family in The Sound of Music (1965), alongside Julie Andrews. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor at the age of 82 for Beginners (2010), becoming the oldest person to win an acting award, and he received a nomination at the age of 88 for All the Money in the World, making him the oldest person to be nominated in an acting category. Although Captain Trapp is engaged to a wealthy socialite, he and Maria eventually fall in love and marry–but their happiness is soon shattered when the Nazis invade Austria. For example, the real-life von Trapp family actually had 10 kids, not seven. But … the Emmy-winning Little Moon of Alban and the Emmy-winning The Moneychangers (for which he won his first Emmy Award as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series).

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